20 February 2014

Crochet Projects I

Since I attended a crochet workshop conducted by Sewinlove last month, I've been busy churning out lots of grannie squares, doilies as well as two kiss-lock purses!

Both the grannie square and doily patterns (symbol and text instructions) were included in workshop, and after working on a few, I got more confident. In fact, it's quite fun and addictive and I could multi-task while crocheting like watch you-tube videos or TV.

The blue-border one was done during the workshop, and subsequently I did another two during the same yarn and 6mm hook. Noticed the size got smaller? I think coz as I got more familiar with crocheting, the stitches became tighter.

These grannie squares were completed using cotton yarn and size 5mm hook.

All the above doilies were done using cotton yarn and size of hooks ranging from 4mm to 6mm.

These doilies and grannie squares were also completed using cotton yarn and hook size 5mm.

This was a different doily pattern, which I learnt from a youtube video. Cotton yarn with size 5mm hook.

These two grannie squares were also pattern that I found on youtube. Cotton yarn with size 4 or 4.5mm hook.

While I was making these two projects using the youtube videos as guides, I was very glad that I had attended the workshop because it provided basic knowledge and good foundation. Otherwise I don't think I would be able to understand the youtube videos.

Kiss-lock purse sold as DIY kit. Sooooo sweet!

Had some problems understanding both the symbol and text instructions initially but after some time managed to decipher and figure the crochet stitches. Before starting on this project, I had preferred symbol patterns but particularly for this project, I preferred the text instructions.

Had wanted to complete both purses for my mum and mil before CNY but due to some family matters, only managed to complete this second one recently. I must say this second one was much better done in terms of both crochet stitches and sewing and completed within a much shorter time frame overall.

Most of the grannie squares and doilies were taken by gifted to my mum and mil, including the the two kiss-lock purses :p So now I gotta start making more again! Also looking forward to attending more workshops such as amigurumi or lace accessories. Hopefully could share more on crocheting soon :)