06 April 2014

Rubber Stamp Carving Workshop

Opps, another overdue post, should have posted this entry last week :p

Last Sunday I attended a Rubber Stamp Carving Workshop conducted by LoveSprouts at BFF Zakka Store. When I saw the advert for the workshop on FB, I thought it's super cute and quite fun and since it's just a 2hr workshop, why not give it a try?

The workshop was $88 and inclusive of a rubber carving block, tracing paper, pen knife, carving knife, artist eraser, ink pad and free patterns.

The rubber carving blocks and ink pads are imported from Japan and comes with many pretty looking colours :)

We were taught how to trace the patterns and transfer onto the rubber blocks as well as basic techniques of rubber carving.

Here's my work, quite ugly-looking (I chopped off one eye of the chickadee by accident!). It seems simple but actually requires much focus, meticulous and nimble fingers. I certainly need lots of practice!!

 Here are some stamps created by the instructor, Jo who has been doing this for 5-6 years already.

Each participant was given a free tote bag as well and we were free to use all of Jo's stamps to customize our very own designs on the tote bag =D

An afternoon well-spent where I learned another new craft skill :)

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