26 October 2014

Legoland Hotel Malaysia - May 2014

We bought the Legoland Premium Passes this year and have been going to Legoland every other month in order to maximise the value :p. Anyways, it's faster to go Legoland from my place (if there's no jam at the customs) than say East Coast Park or Changi.

As for Legoland Hotel, I guess we had to try at least once right? The rooms are not cheap, in fact they are expensive! We opted to stay at the Premium Pirate Room which was close to RM1000! So a one-time experience was enough.

I love how the hotel facade looks like, so bright and cheery :) It always gets us excited about visiting the theme park, the moment we were about to reach.

The reception area.

Check out the cute postbox and express checkout box made from lego bricks, but of course.

This wall of lego figurines behind the reception desk is so cool! And check out the bicycle, the wheel part actually magnifies the figurines. The bicycle is motorised to move along the entire length of the reception desk. Woooooo, I couldn't help but swoon over this cute and cool gadgetry.

The check-in process was smooth, we tried our luck to check-in at 2pm and was very lucky to get a room because official check-in time is 4pm (which I don't understand why so late!).

There are a pirate ship and a castle at the lobby area with lots of lego bricks to keep the little ones occupied.

Another area at the lobby with lego bricks for young ones, certainly a family friendly hotel.

Check out this painting made of lego bricks, featuring the famous landmarks and symbols of Malaysia. Beautiful!

I must rave about the lifts, the moment someone steps into the lift, disco music and lights will be automatically turned on. My kiddo never failed to start dancing to the music in excitement each time :)

Our Premium Pirate Room was on level 5.

Upon entering the room, there's huge closet for our luggage and belongings. A box of Duplo playset is also available for kids to play.

Opposite the closet is the bathroom, quite spacious. What's interesting is there are two wash basins, one for the adults and a lower one for the kids. Now I really appreciate this thoughtfulness because when we stay at hotels, we always had to move a chair into the bathroom for the kiddo to wash up, which was cumbersome especially if the chair was big and bulky.

Basic bathroom amenities were provided.

Next is the dedicated kids' area with double-bunk beds and a pull-out bed.

TV just for the kids.

At one of the corner stands a treasure chest! I think this must be one of the excitement for kids (and probably adults alike). There's clue sheet with four questions, simply solve the puzzles and unlock the treasure chest for prizes.

The master bedroom (separated by a partition sliding door) with comfortable king-size bed.

The entire room was nicely furnished according to pirate-theme which was really cool.

There was complimentary drinking water, coffee, tea and a packet of chocolate chip cookies.

The view of Legoland both day and night time.

Bricks Family Restaurant where we had our breakfast (included in the room rate).

I totally love how the entire restaurant was decked with food-themed lego bricks and instead of eating, I concentrated on snapping photos!

That said, the entire restaurant was packed to the brim and quite chaotic as well. Credits to the staff who tried their best to clear the tables and top up food as fast as they could.

Adorable food-themed lego bricks everywhere.

I love this set of baker trying to blend some batter.

Breakfast was not bad, typically breakfast fare like bread and pastries, salad and fruits, cereal and juices, hot food like pancakes, eggs, sausages, baked beans etc and local favourites like fried noodles, nasi lemak, porridge etc.

Like I said, I couldn't focus on enjoying the food coz I was overwhelmed by all the lego, the restaurant was too crowded and noisy for peaceful meal and satisfying the kiddo's needs sapped all my remaining energy.

Popped by the swimming pool to take a look as well. Didn't get to swim there since we already went to the water park.

All in all, it was an enjoyable stay at the Legoland Hotel. Could see the staff really tried their best to provide a good and memorable experience for all the guests with friendly gestures and wide smiles. But like I said, once is enough because the price is kind of steep.

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