24 April 2015

Hua Hin July 2014 Part III - Santorini Park

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Part I - a bit about the journey from Bangkok to Hua Hin, Chatchai market (day time), Hua Hin Night Market, Asia Herb Association (for spa experience).
Part II - Amari Hotel Hua Hin

Santorini Park, Cha-Am (http://santoriniparkchaam.com/)

Santorini Park is located at Cha-Am, which is about 30 mins away (before reaching) from Hua Hin town. So we decided to drop by this attraction first, so that we didn't have to make a special trip from Hua Hin or rush on the last day.

The park is designed with a Mediterranean/Greek theme, with retail and amusement concept. I was looking forward to visiting the park as I heard that the whole place is nicely crafted and great for photo-taking, and not forgetting many shops!

The ticket cost 150 baht for non-residents (50 baht for residents).

Upon entering the park, we were greeted with blue and white colours and architecture that emulate those in Greece. Well, I've not been to Greece yet, but seeing this lovely sight made me feel so tempted to go soon.

The park was pretty quiet, I guess because it was a Friday? Otherwise I wonder how would it survive in the long run with so few visitors?

Nonetheless, I was glad that there weren't many people because I could take photos to my heart's content without having to jostle with other people :p

Lots of pretty and interesting murals around the park.

So vibrant and chirpy.

Many artsy and colourful scuptures as well.

I love the decorated stairs, so creative!

Random installments dotted around the park.

There are quite a number of shops, we just browsed through quickly. Managed to get some lovely family t-shirts from one of the shops :)

Even the shops were nicely decorated.

There's a haunted house but we didn't go in (not a fan of such stuff).

The amusement section of the park, where there's a ferris wheel and some slides for kids.

Play structure for kids.

Some thrill rides.

One of the biggest and most elaborate merry-go-round I've seen.

We stayed in the park for slightly less than an hour. Frankly, one visit was enough because other than photo-taking, there weren't much to offer for us. If we were to bring the kiddo along and explore more of the amusement park and rides, we would probably stay for a couple of hours. Anyways, a good recce trip and we know what to expect or plan should we visit Hua Hin again.

End of Part III.

Stay tune for Part IV on FOOD!

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