22 June 2015

Tokyo/Kawaji Onsen Dec 2014 Part V - Kawaji-Yumoto Station, El Torito Shinjuku, Shibuya Excel Tokyu

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Part I - Shibuya, Tsukiji Market
Part II - KAI Kawaji Ryokan (Room)
Part III - KAI Kawaji Ryokan (Ryokan and Onsen)
Part IV - KAI Kawaji Ryokan (Dinner and Breakfast)

Heading back to Tokyo! We checked out of the ryokan close to 10am as we had to catch the 10.30am train. Was a little early so took a few photos before proceeding to the platform.

This is Kawajii, I believe the Honorary Station Master or "mascot" of Kawaji-Yumoto station. He's pointing to the direction of Kawaji Onsen :)

Lovely landscape around the station.

On the platform, waiting for the train.

A retro waiting room that's furnished modestly.

Our ticket to Shin-Fujiwara station where we had to change to another train line.

Changing train at Shin-Fujiwara Station, had a few minutes to do so. Then at Kinugawa station, we had to change to the JR line heading back to Shinjuku Station.

By the time we reached Shinjuku, it was close to 1pm. Decided to go to this Mexican Restaurant, El Torito located at the ground level of Century Southern Tower Hotel. Tried this restaurant before, and we loved the quality of the Mexican food here. There are two other branches, one at Ikebukuro and the other Nishi-kasai where hubby first discovered it during one of his business trips.

A salad to share, fresh and crunchy romaine lettuce with tomato, avocado, bacon, parmesan cheese with a creamy dressing (couldn't remember what exactly it was). Nice and refreshing.

Another appetiser to share. We tried this before and totally loved it! Fried Cream Cheese and Avocado in Tortilla, served with a sour cream dressing. It was creamy inside and crispy outside, totally delish!

Grilled Chicken and Beef Tortilla to share. Each set came with around 5-6 pieces of tortilla, and we could ask for additional servings. Loved the texture of the tortilla here, soft and just a little bit chewy (not tough), thin and not "doughy". Yummy!

After lunch, we shopped around Shinjuku for a while before heading back to Shibuya Excel Hotel for check-in.

Once again, we booked twin room and pleasantly surprised that the room was even bigger. There's this additional walkway from the door where I could pack my luggage.

In fact, the room itself was already roomy enough.

This time round, the room was on a lower level and the view wasn't that fantastic, but I was happy with the room size.

After resting for a while, it was shopping and more shopping!

Stay tuned for the final post on Little Pie Factory at Hiroo, Arisugawa Park and Jiyuugaoka.

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