15 July 2015

Koh Samui Jan 2015 Part II - Lamai Sunday Night Market

Continued from Part I - Fenix Beach Resort at Lamai Beach

We've been to Samui several times but this was the first time we've been to the Lamai Sunday Night Market. In the initial years, we usually flew in on Friday night and out by Sunday morning. Whereas recent years, the trips were usually Thursdays to Sundays. This time, it happened that hubby booked a Sunday flight in, and so I made it an agenda to visit the night market, and staying at Lamai area itself fitted the agenda perfectly!

We had rented a bike from the resort and riding to the market took less than 10 mins. Reached there close to 6pm but it was still too early; many stalls were still in the midst of setting up.

Decided to pop into one of the spas for a "Tiger Balm" massage first. Basically the therapist would mix a herbal balm with massage oil and massage the back/pressure points with soothing strokes. The balm smelled like "Tiger Balm" and had a nice heating sensation which I really like. This method of adding a balm to the massage oil seemed to be practised only in Samui; didn't see it elsewhere like BKK or Phuket.

Anyways, the massage took an hour and we felt rejuvenated and raring to eat our way through the night market!

Besides body massage, there's also foot massage and pedi/manicure.

7pm and the crowd had just started to come in.

The food and drink stalls were the most popular.

Lots of stalls selling grilled meats like beef, pork and sausages, and whole chicken.

Spotted a stall selling coconut ice-cream, tried it but it wasn't as nice as the original Lamai Fresh Coconut Ice Cream which I'm going to share in the post on dessert.

When in Samui, must see Samui pancakes! It's somewhat a cross between prata and crepe, with a thin dough which is thin and slightly chewy and slightly crispy. Many flavours to choose from and our favourite is always Banana Nutella! Yummy!

Fried insects anyone?

At the cross junction of the night market is a small stage where performances are hosted. Performances always make a market more lively and vibrant.

Grilled kebabs.

We decided to sit down and try one of the street hawkers selling Pad Thai Noodles. It was not bad, but nothing to shout about.

I spotted a BBQ pork ribs stall nearby and they looked really good. Indeed the meat was bone tender and succulent. The BBQ sauce was delicious, sweet and salty.

After eating our fill, we made our way to the merchandise section but nothing caught our eye. I guess we've been to so many night markets, the goods offered seemed similar (so far the best night market is still Cicada at Hua Hin!).

Stay tune for the next post on the restaurants we went to and the food we ate :)

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