19 July 2015

Koh Samui Jan 2015 Part III - Food at Krao Chao Ban, Koh Tan Cuisine, Sabienglae 2, MK restaurant

Continued from
Part I - Fenix Beach Resort at Lamai Beach
Part II - Lamai Sunday Night Market

As I mentioned, food is a major reason of why we kept going back to Samui.

Sabienglae Restaurant at Lamai Beach is located just 5 minutes' walk from our resort. We wanted to dine there for our lunch after checking in but unfortunately the restaurant was closed during the period we were in Samui! Boohoo!

Ok, fret not. We made our way to Krao Chao Ban Restaurant, about 10-15 minutes from the resort.

The landscape of the restaurant is still as pretty as before, enhancing the dining experience altogether.

At Krao Chao Ban, this is a must-eat dish - deep fried fish drizzled with a spicy and sour tamarind sauce. It is this dish that made us come back over and over again. The fish was deep fried to perfect crisp on the outside yet remaining very tender and juicy inside. The sauce was sourish and a little spicy which is very appetising and goes very well with the white fish meat. The fried shallot bits were a perfect topping which complemented the entire dish very well. There are other restaurants that served similar style of cooking but none has managed to rival the one at Krao Chao Ban yet.

Craving for some Thai papaya salad and I must say the dish served here is very well-made indeed. Spicy, sour, salty and topped with some deep fried anchovy. Perfect!

The coconut/milky squid was not bad but nothing to shout about.

Stir fried morning glory (kang kong) was always nicely done in Thailand.

On the second day, we decided to explore the southern part of Samui island and rode our bike all the way to Thong Krut Beach. Thong Krut Beach is like a sleepy little town with a small stretch of sandy white beach and restaurants along the beach.

We stopped by this quaint little restaurant for our lunch.

Most of the restaurants here also provide additional services like canoeing or snorkeling trip to the nearby island, Koh Tan.

I ordered a thai-style stir-fried kway teow (flat rice noodles) which was very yummy!

Hubby wanted to try some tom yum soup. Not bad at all, spicy and sourish.

Some stir-fried vegetables to share.

Hubby also ordered a stir-fried pork with rice.

Over all the meal was enjoyable, made perfect with the comfortable surroundings and lovely sea view.

Saw a mobile vegetable stall outside the restaurant. So cool!

Central Festival is a large mall, the latest development at Chaweng Beach. We went there for shopping on the second afternoon.

Delighted to see MK restaurant, so decided to have dinner there.

MK restaurant's famous roast duck. The meat was tender and succulent and so yummy with the sauce. The spinach noodle is also very popular, texture is very springy.

Since we had so much meat and carbo, we ordered mostly vegetables for the hot pot.

On our 3rd morning, we decided to skip breakfast at the resort and headed to Lamai Beach area in search of some regular noodle soup.

Most shops weren't opened but we chanced upon this stall selling noodles.

Ordered kway teow noodle soup which came with shredded chicken and pork balls. A basket of assorted vegetables (basil, bean sprout, bittergourd) was given for us to add freely to the noodles. Nice!

For our lunch on the 3rd day, we decided to ride all the way to Sabienglae 2 restaurant at Chaweng since we really missed Saebienglae's food.

Actually we found that Sabienglae 2's food quality/standard is not as good as the original restaurant at Lamai Beach. The restaurant is also quite quiet since it's not located along the Chaweng Beach that's populated with tourists; it's located at the central main road.

I think the restaurant is serving mostly tour groups (especially from China) now because they started playing Chinese songs and a group of tourists came in after we ordered.

The tom yum goong here was still quite good.

Steamed squid with garlic and lime. Not bad, quite appetising.

One of my favourite thai dish, Tod Mun Goong, thai shrimp cake. Quite nice but standard seemed to have dropped a little, used to be better (I think not as fresh as before).

For our dinner on our 3rd/last night in Samui, we decided to go back to Krao Chao Ban since it's so near to our resort, and we wanted to eat the deep fried fish with tamarind sauce again.

The papaya salad we ate on the first day was good so we ordered it again.

This was salted egg yolk encased with minced pork and prawn, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. The first piece was yummy but subsequently too overwhelming. Don't think will order this dish again.

Braised king prawn with rice vermicelli. Very yummy as the rice vermicelli soaked up all the sauce and was very flavourful.

And we simply had to order the deep fried fish with tamarind sauce again! It was just soooooo good!
Once again, we over-indulged but couldn't help it lah!

Stay tuned for the last part on the desserts we had!

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