15 September 2016

Watermelon and Rose-scented Cake

I baked this Watermelon and Rose-scented Cake since July but have been procrastinating in blogging about it! Also couldn't decide whether to start taking orders for this particular cake because not sure if anyone would like it.

Personally I love it, so does my hubby (surprisingly). The tender sponge cake and rose-scented watermelon slice went very well together. The watermelon added a burst of juicy-crunch to the cake which we thought was very refreshing.

Showed the photo to my dear friend WH who has been very supportive of my bakes and he liked it and even wanted to order it :)

I guess this prompted me to open it for orders. For me, I always prefer to bake and sell things that I personally will eat or like to eat.

It is very similar to the famous Sydney Black Star Pastry's Strawberry Watermelon Cake, which is also sold in Cream and Custard Cafe in Singapore. Except, both don't use sponge cakes, they use almond dacquoise. I tried the version from Cream and Custard and unfortunately didn't like it very much. Then while surfing the net, saw another version, the Watermelon and Rose layer cake which I thought might suit me better. Hence taking the idea and applied with my recipes.

The cake layers are made using my signature Japanese-style genoise sponge recipe, the filling and frosting made using chantilly cream (these two components are the same as my ombre and rainbow cakes). Only difference is, I added a slice of rose-scented watermelon as well as a layer of almond crumble in the filling. For decoration, rose-scented watermelon and rock melon balls, pistachios, mint leaves and dried rose petals.

Although there are only two layers of sponge cake, making it less tedious to bake, putting the whole cake together still requires some effort.

First of all, cutting the watermelon slice to the exact size of the cake.

Then scoop the watermelon and rock melon balls of three different sizes and infused them in Nielsen Massey's rose extract for at least 30 mins before draining and drying.

Almond crumble is made by mixing ground almond, plain flour, sugar and unsalted butter, and baking them till slightly browned and crispy.

Assembly of cake - sponge cake layer as base, top with chantilly cream, almond crumble, watermelon, almond crumble, chantilly cream, sponge cake layer as top and finally chantilly cream frosting.

Was thinking whether to use strawberries or grapes for decor but I thought rock melon works fine as well, the playful contrast of orange, red and green makes the cake look quite visually appealing and fun  :)

In terms of taste and texture, the sponge cake layers are very tender, not too sweet and the chantilly cream is made sugarless and very light; the sweetness comes from the fruitiness of the watermelon and rock melon which is very fragrant due to the rose-infusion.

The cake is best served chilled; overall quite mild and refreshing in taste and I thought the combination of cake and juicy fruit suits our hot and humid weather very well.

This particular cake is 6" round, good to serve 6 to 8 slices (subject to feasibility, size of cake can be customised).

Please drop me an email at megtan@singnet.com.sg if interested!

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