30 November 2016

Seoul November 2016 - Day 6 Lotte Department Store, Shopping Haul

Continued from
Day 1 Nine Tree Hotel Myeongdong, Gwangjang/Bangsan/Chungbu Markets, N Seoul Tower
Day 2 Hanbok, Gyeongbokgung, Tosokchon, Samcheongdong, Bukchon Hanok Village, Myeong-dong
Day 3 Namdaemun Market, Ewha Women's University, Hongdae Free Market / Hongik University Street
Day 4 King Sejong Statue, Jihwaja Royal Cuisine, Insadong, Cheonggyecheon Stream
Day 5 Nami Island, Noryangjin Fish Market

Day 6 - Lotte Duty Free Shopping / Lotte Department Store > Shuttle Bus to Incheon Airport > Shopping haul

Last morning in Seoul! Woke up early, had breakfast at Starbucks before proceeding to Lotte Duty Free to shop for some beauty products and then to the supermarket.

Lotte Department Store (photo taken one of the nights).

Duty Free Shopping are location at Levels 8, 9 and 10 (cannot remember exact levels but there are lifts that bring tourists directly to these levels, located behind the building). It was early morning like 9.30am yet the duty free shopping area was crowded with throngs of tourists!

Had read a number of reviews on what beauty products to buy so it was easy to zoom in directly to the brands I wanted instead of spending time browsing. Bought a few products from Hera and proceeded to Sulwhasoo which had really long queue for payment :(

By the time I was done, I had only 30 mins or so to browse the supermarket. When I got to the supermarket, really wished I had longer time here! The supermarket and food hall was big with a wide variety of food, vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, grocery items. Should have explored the supermarket few days before where I had time to do so :(

The yuja (yuzu) cost 7000 won each, not cheap at all (although they are very big size). Wide variety of fruits on offer.

Large selection of vegetables too.

Meat, seafood, grocery.

Confectionery area, with lots of yummy looking cakes and desserts!

 Spotted at least 3 bakeries.

Pretty selection of cooked food, salads and fruits for takeaway.

Only managed to buy some kimchi as I did not have time to browse the supermarket in detail. Normally I would have spent at least 1-2 hours  browsing the whole supermarket and food hall aisle by aisle, like I said wish I had discover this place sooner :((((((

Reluctantly went back to the hotel for last packing, checked out and proceeded straight to the shuttle bus stop to catch the bus to the airport.

Had late lunch at a food court in the airport. The quality was surprisingly not bad. HB had a pork cutlet rice set; the pork cutlet was deep fried to a perfect crisp!

I had a bibimbap. I was craving for it but the HB didn't like it so didn't have a chance to eat it at all.

That concluded my first trip to Seoul! Would there be more trips in future? Perhaps, maybe! There are certain places I wish I had more time to explore, and there are certain places that I've checked the to-see-one-time list, and there are still other areas in Korea I wish to visit as well. So perhaps, maybe!

How does Seoul compare to Tokyo, my favourite city? Well, if I could only choose one destination, probably Tokyo would beat Seoul by a notch. I'm more of a zakka and homeware/bakeware/kitchenware kind of person and Tokyo has many specific areas that offer these things. Seoul is great for people who are into fashion, accessories, beauty products. In terms of food, Tokyo still has a slightly wider variety and choice. That said, I enjoy the traditional Korean tea houses very much. Anyways, it has been an enjoyable trip with many great experiences and finally I can say I've been to Seoul =D


Here's sharing my shopping haul. Couldn't buy a lot because of the stupid 23kg luggage restriction by Asiana Airlines :(

Go Korea must buy snacks right?

From Lotte Mart - Honey Butter Mixed Nuts, Pringles that come in Honey Mustard, Mayo Cheese and Butter Caramel flavours and Honey Choco Stick.
Incheon Airport - Honey Butter Almond chocolate, Honey Butter Potato Biscuits and Chocolate Strawberry.

Super love the honey butter nuts and honey choco stick, the almond chocolate is not bad, the rest haven't try yet.

Yujacha and Omija-cha from Lotte Market.

 Assorted ingredients from Lotte Mart.

Kimchi from Lotte Supermarket.

 Korean cooking pots, bowls and cutlery from Namdaemun market.

Baking stuff from Bangsan Market.

Plastic knife set from Bangsan Market.

Long candles from Bangsan Market.

 Resealable cookies and treats bag from Bangsan Market.

My usual skincare products are from Japan actually. But since Korea is famous for beauty products, so I bought a few to try. Not the whole lot! Only serum and CC cushion from Hera, BB cream and face mask from Sulwhasoo and face mask from Royal Skin. The rest are all freebies!

Few more beauty products from random shops.

 Haha. Crazy to buy sanitary pads right? Well, the bargain at Lotte Mart was irresistible, that's all I can say.

Super love the rabbit fur neck warmer, bought at a shop at Samcheongdong. Hairband and clip were handmade items from Insadong. Sweater top was at a random shop at Myeongdong underground shopping. Black face mask was from a random shop at Samcheongdong too, I've always wanted one, haha. The traditional mirror was a gift from the hanbok rental shop.

Love the earrings! The top two pairs were from Ssamziegil at Insadong and bottom ones from Redeye in Myeongdong.

See, not a lot of shopping right, as compared to my haul from Japan :p Next time!!


  1. Hello, do you not buy the other local brands?

    I am also a Japanese brand user but would like to try the Korean brands. How do you make the selection?

  2. Hi,
    You mean for the beauty and skincare products? I read up before going and select those brands that are more suitable for my age.

  3. Hello - could you elaborate on how to get the airport bus from nine tree hotel to airport??

    1. Hi Teresa,
      There are Shuttle Bus counters at the Arrival Hall. Bus to Myeongdong Station is number 6015. Each ticket cost 15000 won, and there's no fixed timing, the bus arrives every 15-20 mins. Passengers just have to queue at bus-stop number 5B or 11B to board the bus.

    2. For nine tree hotel to airport, board the shuttle bus at the same bus-stop (that you alight). As it's the first and last stop, there's no need for reservations.