24 July 2017

Meg's Pastry Studio - 2017 2nd Q orders

I just realised that it's nearly the end of July already and I've not even updated 2nd Q orders for Meg's Pastry Studio! Oops!

No, I'm not closed down, yet. Just that I've slowed down in terms of order takings as there were many events, collaborations (and family commitments) past few months and I've been busy with those. I would prefer not to over-tax myself by taking on too many assignments because after all, I bake as a hobby and not as a living.

So pardon me if I couldn't take up orders (especially last minute) because I don't want to stress myself up with too many things on the plate. Some days, I literally spent the whole day in the kitchen, prepping, baking/cooking, photography, washing and clearing up (and I don't have a helper, so gotta do everything myself).

I digress. 

So here's looking at the few orders I took up.

A watermelon cake that I baked for my University/Hall senior, for her grandmother's birthday celebration. This is an absolutely light and refreshing cake, using my favourite genoise sponge which is super soft and not too sweet, with watermelon and almond crumble filling and no-sugar chantilly cream frosting, finally topped with watermelon, rockmelon, pistachio, mint leaves and rose petals.

My teddy bear cookies have become very popular recently, I guess it's because they look so adorable and make great party flavour or gift.

I rarely bake chocolate cake for my family as we are not big eaters of chocolate pastries. One of my very supportive customer ordered a chocolate cake for her daughter's birthday, so I jumped at the opportunity to create this naked chocolate cake. Love how it turned out, doesn't it look visually appealing?

Last but not last, my biggest batch of teddy bear cookies to-date, 120 of them all! It's challenging but so fun to do :) These were requested by a dear friend and yep, will do it only for my dear friends!

Hopefully I would have time to squeeze in some cake orders soon because second half of the year is expected to be busier than the first :p

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