25 September 2017

Apple Sage & Rosemary Pork Sausages

Collaboration with The Meat Club
Dish 1 - Homemade Beef Burger

I'm not a morning person and thus it's almost impossible for me to wake up early to prepare gourmet breakfast on a daily basis (schooldays are definitely out of the question). That said, once in a while on Saturdays, if I'm in a good mood I will prepare cafe-style gourmet breakfast at home :p.

Since I received a few packs of fresh sausages from The Meat Club Singapore earlier this month, decided to try one of them, the Apple Sage & Rosemary Pork Sausages.

Now, being Asian/Chinese, our family is not big on fresh sausages that are pre-seasoned with herbs. I guess it's not really our culture here to consume this type of sausages frequently. We do consume ham and bacon but that's about it.

Before preparing the full sets of breakfast, I pan-fried one piece of the sausage for taste-test. The pork sausage was fresh, and really flavourful but slightly on the salty side.

Therefore, I decided to add some "sweetness" and "tartness" to the sausages in order to balance the taste. Basically sauteed some sliced onions to caramelise it, then add the sausages and cook till golden brown. Finally drizzle generous of caramelised balsamic vinegar and let the sausages and onions simmer for a few mins. That's it!

Served the sausages with sunny-sideup (creamy scrambled eggs for the kiddo), sauteed portobello mushroom, grilled tomatoes and some greens. Viola, a hearty cafe-style breakfast at home!

The sausages suited our tastebuds better with addition of the caramelised onions and I guess we could eat it once in a while but not often as they are quite meaty and salty, heavy on our palate.

Nonetheless, really glad that I was given this opportunity to test the sausages.

The Meat Club has an interesting subscription service where if you opt for an Auto-Pilot service, your selection of meat will be delivered in line with their import cycle (every 28 days) ensuring that you get the freshest batch of produce with a longer shelf life monthly. That said, they do offer one-off, just in time delivery for meat as well. Visit their website to find out more!

Stay tuned as I have 2 more dishes using the produce from The Meat Club to share!

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