17 November 2017

Sinless desserts by Hisae Sakamoto

[ Media Invite ]

Sinless desserts Launch Event @ Grand Jeté cafe & bar

I'm absolutely thrilled to be invited for this launch event of Sinless desserts by Hisae Sakamoto (through Planet Ads & Design P/L) this afternoon at Grand Jetécafe & bar!

Sinless dessert is developed by famed patisserie and nutritionist, Hisae Sakamoto from Kobe. Her desserts are made fresh with natural ingredients sourced from Japan, and most importantly sugar-free, low in carbohydrate and 100% diabetic friendly, certainly suitable for people with dietary restrictions as well as the health & diet conscious folks.

I believe friends who know me, know my love for Japan, especially the food and pastries. Personally my baking style is also very much influenced by the Jap-French fusion pastries that I saw during my trips to Japan. I find Japanese pastries more delicate and refine than the western ones, and often they look too pretty to resist.

That said, I try to be more health conscious nowadays, especially with a kiddo. Therefore, I rarely buy or eat commercial pastries as a lot of them are too sweet for my palate. Prefer to bake cakes/pastries at home as I will go for premium quality ingredients as far as possible.

With the launch of Sinless desserts at Grand Jeté cafe & bar, I'm certainly delighted that there's now a choice for me to get healthier desserts outside of home! And moreover, knowing that it's developed by Japanese chef and nutritionist gave me the confidence that the desserts are of quality and would taste equally good.

Grand Jeté cafe & bar is located at Ngee Ann City Tower B, see map at the bottom of this post. A cozy and quaint cafe that resembles those I frequent in Japan.

Besides desserts, the cafe also serves Japanese-Western fusion food, from sandwiches to pastas, to salads and rice bowls. I must return to try them!

Brought my son along (who's fast becoming a picky gourmet eater), and we got to sample five desserts today, Gateau Au Chocolat (chocolate cake), Roule Au The Vert (Matcha roll cake), Gateau Au Fromage Frais (Strawberry jelly cheesecake), Tiramisu as well as a healthy muffin.

Hisae san, sharing her passion for pastries with us :) She's a licensed chef and nutritionist with over a decade of experience in the F&B industry in both Singapore and Japan. Through her personal experience meeting people with dietary restrictions, she's inspired to come up with desserts that are healthy yet appealing and delicious. And after many attempts and trials, she finally develops Sinless, with pastries that have no sugar content and are low in carbohydrate.

We first tried the Roule Au The Vert (Matcha roll cake). I love it, so does the kiddo who's a matcha lover. The cake was really moist and tender, not sweet at all with just the right balance of matcha. The cream was also very light and went well with the cake.

Next up were the Gateau Au Chocolat (chocolate cake) and Gateau Au Fromage Frais (Strawberry jelly cheesecake).

Both of us are not chocolate cake lovers, but we found the cake to be very tasty, once again tender and not too sweet, with a light chocolatey taste which I prefer (over those rich chocolate cakes).

As for the strawberry cheesecake, it was so so good. The biscuit base was slightly moist with a nutty taste, the cheesecake was light and subtle and the strawberry and jelly topping was a delightful touch. The kiddo declared this to be his favourite, with matcha roll as the second favourite :)

The Tiramisu was also very light and delectable, usually I can only finish half portion of a serving, but this I finished the whole thing, without feeling overwhelming. Even the kiddo enjoyed it.

Last but not least, a healthy coconut-nut base muffin newly developed by Hisae san. The muffin was tender and once again not too sweet, and when served plain, it's as healthy as you can get. I was surprised that the kiddo liked it.

At the end of the event, I even received the healthy muffin baked in a terra cotta pot as a takeaway!

Below are more delectable desserts/pastries by Hisae san, and I can already see myself returning for more, such as the financier, one of my favourite pastries.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.

Photo courtesy of Grand Jetécafe & bar and Hisae Sakamoto.
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Grand Jeté cafe & bar
391b Orchard Road #02-11
Ngee Ann City Tower B Singapore 238874
Tel: 6235 4267 Fax: 6235 4264

Be sure to drop by Grand Jetécafe & bar when you happen to be in Orchard area to try out these sinless yet delicious desserts!

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