06 February 2018

New Country, New Beginnings 2018

Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long!

I don't even know how I should start this post. Had taken a hiatus from blogging since December last year;  not by choice, but rather due to some family matters. And one of the key happening is, my family has relocated from Singapore to Pattaya in Chonburi, Thailand due to my HB's job assignment, for a period of two years.

It has been a roller coaster ride thus far, from recce trips to school selection to house hunting, to packing, settling admin issues, managing interim living in SG. And finally the shift here, interim living once again; delays in our cargo, more admin procedures... it has been mentally and physically draining for the past 2 months, with a couple of emotional outbursts and breakdowns.

Frankly there is a lot on my mind about this relocation, yet I couldn't bring myself to recall them as it's too mentally exhausting to do so. Well I did whine a lot on my personal FB the past two months! LOL :p Therefore I'm going to leave it as that, less my mood gets affected again.

On the brighter side, there are a lot of things I would like to share as well, about living life in a different country, about the environment, lifestyle, weather etc; about the interesting places I visited, the nice food and eateries I tried... I guess just so many that I don't know where to get started! In time to come, I'll blog about them for sure, such as lovely cafes, interesting shops, markets, spa, places of interest etc.

Anyways I have started cooking on a daily basis and has been posting photos regularly on my FB and IG, it's just that I haven't pick up the mojo to edit photos, write recipes and blog. As it is, it's so tough writing this particular piece to kickstart my engine! Once again, I have to pick up from where I left off and re-start my blogging regime again!

Till my next post! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh, I had no idea you'd moved to Thailand for a time - it's different to Singapore but has a lot of charm as well. I just read about your croissant making class and your work on them afterwards - just fabulous! Be happy in your new home. Sending you love and luck.

    Di xx

    1. Hi Di,
      Nice hearing from you :) Thanks for the encouragement! Sorry I took so long to reply. Blogging has taken a backseat unfortunately, but I'm trying to pick up again. Wishing you all the best too!

  2. I'm so excited!!!! Can't wait for your next adventure in food and another country. I travel with you. I don't have one stamp on my passport but I'm going with you..thank you for always bringing us along for your magnificent life experiences. xoxo

    1. Hi Bea,
      Thank you so much for your support! Sorry I took so long to reply. Been procrastinating and blogging has taken a backseat. I have so much to share but just hasn't pick up the blogging mojo. Will try to do it soon!

  3. I don't comment often but I read all the time. Best wishes on the move and I hope you're adjusting well!

    1. Hi Anne,
      Thank you so much for following my blog! Yes, many changes but settling down well. Now trying to pick up my blogging mojo again. Will try to get on with it soon!