I LOVE SPA! Well, I won't call myself a spa junkie. Just that I love massages and once in a while wraps and scrubs.

For me, there are a number of criterias when it comes to assessing the quality of a spa - service, ambience (lighting, music), furnishings (furniture, colour scheme, theme), refreshment, skill of therapists (I hate therapists who talk too much, nag and criticize), cleanliness, location and price.

I used to visit different spas in Singapore for different type of experience, but recent years I settled on just one or two which I'm most comfortable with. Unless, there are new spas which offer interesting concepts or ambience and I would usually visit for the experience. And when I'm overseas, I would also visit spas especially if the locale is well known for spas like beach resorts.

The following list the spas that I frequent or have visited (overseas).

Local (Singapore) Spa
  • Spa Esprit
  • Kenko
Overseas Spa
  • Bangkok
  • Koh Samui