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I'm a wanderlust! I choose to believe that travel is in my blood :p Used to getaway at least once a month, but ever since dear son is born, the frequency has been reduced significantly :(

My favourite country has got to be JAPAN, I just can't seem to have enough of it, be it shopping, dining, atmosphere or the onsens. But somehow, I've always stuck to Tokyo or the Kansai region and not venture to other prefectures like Kyushu. I've always wanted to go Hokkaido and finally realised my dream in 2013. However it was just a short recce trip to Sapporo, Otaru and Jozankei Onsen, hope I could return and venture other areas of Hokkaido.

Other than that, my most frequented countries must be Malaysia and Thailand for their proximity, lovely beaches, spas and food! Have not been to US yet, I shudder at the thought of a 22hr flight :p and as for Europe, been to Switzerland for a whirlwind 48hrs and didn't manage to visit any attractions at all (long story). Perhaps one day, I'll go to US and Europe when I have the time and money. For now, I'm happy with just my favourites.

  • Seoul Nov 2016


      • Phuket Dec 2013
      Hong Kong Nov 2010
      Maldives Aug 2011
      Bintan, Indonesia

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