07 March 2007

Samar Arabic Cuisine at Baghdad Street

There is no lack of good food at Kampong Glam area; usually hubby and I would eat duck rice and herbal soup at the Rochor Duck Rice stall along Beach Road.

Decided to try something different and found Samar Arabic Cuisine by Baghdad Street with alfresco dining where we can enjoy a leisurely lunch.

Set lunch is available and for S$11.90+, you can get a starter of bread n dip, an entree (3 choices) and dessert. Not a bad deal at all.

I'm a bread person, give me any type of bread and I'm a happy girl. The bread tasted a little like pita bread and quite chewy, went very well with the chick pea bean paste. I also like to dip the bread with olive oil :p The tomato and cucumber side salad with mint dressing was refreshing. In fact, the starter alone was rather filling.

My choice of entree is fish with bread (yes, more bread as I couldn't get enough of it), came with 2 large slices of deep fried fillet, baked potato and sauteed vegetables. The tomato-based sauce went well with the fish but a little over-powering. The portion was quite big and couldn't finish most part of it (and offered them to hubby :p)

Hubby ordered lamb with rice. The texture of the Basmati rice was firm yet fluffy and tasted quite fragrant. Lamb was tender and spices just right. Not bad.

Dessert was choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice cream with watermelon and crushed peanuts. Can see the thought put into the dessert as it is not just plain ice-cream but comes with watermelon slices which are refreshing and peanuts which added crunchiness. Sweet ending to the meal!

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, perfect for an idyllic afternoon. I wonder how strawberry Shisha will taste like. I don't smoke but tempted to explore. Next time perhaps.

samar arabic cuisine

60 kandahar street
1 baghdad street
singapore 198906

office 6226 4604
restaurant 63980530
facsimine 62264605
email samar@singnet.com.sg


  1. Hi,

    I love arabic food nad now enjoying korean cuisineand ready to try out Thai. I like your blog.


  2. Hi,
    Thanks for reading my blog! I like Thai food too. Quite new to Korean food but pretty much enjoy it. Will post an entry on a Korean restaurant I visited previously which is not bad.