06 May 2007

Very Buttery Cupcakes

Spent my Sunday "practising" the Very Buttery Cupcakes that I learnt at Shermay's Cooking School Cupcake Workshop II more than a week ago.

Couldn't make up my mind which flavour to make and ended up attempting all 4 variations - Lavender Cupcake with Lavender & White Chocolate Frosting, Chai Spice Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean & White Chocolate Frosting, Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling & Meringue Topping and Earl Grey Tea Cupcakes with Orange Zest & White Chocolate Frosting.

Good and bad idea.
Good - found the infused butter and frosting pretty do-able at home, though very time-consuming because everything was made from scratch! But really had a sense of achievement and satisfaction after seeing the end-product.
Bad - the washing and clearing up were killer-tasks. The entire process practically 'stole' my meant-to-be-lazy-and-do-nothing Sunday! Hadn't had any lazy Sundays for a long time, well itchy fingers :p Not that I have much to complain with my fruits of labour :D

The meringue turned out really well this time (had previously attempted it when making buttercream but the meringue turned all runny). Didn't have a blowtorch so couldn't brown the tips of the topping. I guess it still looked alright. P.S. shall I buy a blowtorch? Nah, maybe not.

Shall bring this batch of cupcakes to the office tomorrow. Anyone wants to try?

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