19 July 2007

My First Orange Chiffon Cake

Make that 2.
Ever since attending the Chiffon Cake 101 class by chef Christopher Tan, I've been itching to attempt the recipe.

A bit unsure though because my trusty oven is just 18L and definitely not able to hold the 25cm chiffon cake pan based on the recipe. With advice from Christopher, I halved the quantity of ingredients and used a 17cm pan.
The recipe is really quite easy to follow, only toughest part has got to be whipping the egg whites and cream of tartar to form 'soft peaks' else risk the point of no return from over beating. Since this is my first attempt, not sure when to stop; just go by gut feel I guessed.
Everything turned out well and 55 minutes later, VIOLA!

Looked pretty decent huh? The taste, that's the crucial part! But the thing about chiffon cake is also patience. Got to turn over the cake, stand over the pan's central column and let it cool completely. I couldn't wait to taste it!
Finally ran out of patience and with the cake still a little warm, I removed the cake from the pan very carefully. I wonder why the sides didn't brown?
The cake had a very nice zingy orange aroma with tinge of orange flavour. Texture is springy and fluffy. I think almost like what Christopher made. Or maybe just a tad too springy? And it's all natural goodness, absolutely no artificial flavouring.

Since I'm already at it and have all the ingredients, might as well attempt a 2nd time. This time round making sure that the egg whites are beaten even more carefully and following the recipe to a T. The 2nd attempt turned out even better than the 1st i.e. looked neater and texture lighter. Yay!
Next up, I must attempt the Pandan Chiffon Cake! And the Chocolate Rum Chiffon and the Japanese-style Cheese Chiffon...

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  1. eso se ve tan rico... pero se ve dificil de hacer...

    mmm me dio hambre.. me voy a ir a comer una tripleta