14 July 2007

Chiffon Cake 101

Attended yet another class at Shermay's Cooking School. Since the previous Cupcake Workshops I & II, I have been frequenting Shermay's website to look out for new classes and making bookings well in advance as classes are tremendously popular. Still eagerly anticipating Joycelyn's next Macaron Workshop!

Despite the relatively higher pricing, foodies and cooking enthusiasts are flocking to attend the cookery/baking classes at Shermay's. Attend the class once and you'll see why. The chef instructors are well-accomplished and approachable; recipes comprehensive; tips practical; environment comfortable; and there is always a free flow of Illy coffee & iced Gryphon artisan tea!
Chiffon Cake 101 by Guest Chef Christopher Tan is a demo and food tasting class. Basically attendees were given recipes while Christopher demonstrated the baking step-by-step and answered question as and when there was any. After the demonstration, we could taste the freshly baked cakes or pack them home.

3 master recipes were introduced - Zingy Orange Chiffon Cake, Chocolate Rum Chiffon Cake and Japanese-style Chiffon Cheesecake. A pity I missed the Pandan Chiffon Cake demo class conducted previously!

Christopher is a writer, editor, food consultant, food stylist and photographer and has published quite a number of cookbooks. He gave really practical and good tips about baking and made baking chiffon cake look so easy.

Zingy Orange Chiffon Cake
I have never tasted so good a chiffon cake! Light and fluffy, delicately flavoured with fresh orange juice and orange zest. There is absolutely no artificial flavouring used. No wonder those commercial ones taste synthetic.

Japanese-style Chiffon Cheesecake
Absolutely love this! It's light, spongy with an almost melt-in-your-mouth texture. The blend of cheese, vanilla extract and fresh lemon is delectable without overpowering the taste bud. Hmmm....

Chocolate Rum Chiffon Cake
Made with Valrhona cocoa power with a hint of dark rum. Once again, fluffy, tender and smells ever so sexy and seductive. Ahhh... *alas, forgot to take photo for this!

I'm already looking forward to attempt my first chiffon cake at home. Just that my oven is kind of small and hence have to make adjustments to the recipe. Hopefully, it'll turn out edible.

Anyway, Christopher will be conducting another demo cum food tasting class, Retro High Tea in 2 week's time. All set for the class and looking forward to it!


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  1. you should try chris tan's pineapple tarts class!