21 August 2008

First attempt of Banana caramel Swiss roll

This was my first attempt of the Banana caramel swiss roll after attending Chef Keiko's Jap-French Pastries Workshop II.
Alas, I think it was quite a failure as the sponge cake turned out airy and rough, unlike the soft and refine texture of Chef Keiko's swiss roll :(
Not sure what went wrong; perhaps I didn't mix the batter long enough. Was trying to figure out how to achieve a flowing and silky consistency for the batter but at the same time worried of over-mixing.
Didn't whip the fresh cream long enough as well, resulting in soft peak consistency rather than the hard peak as required. So the cream was a little liquid and sort of messy when I was trying to roll the sponge cake.
I guess I'm too impatient both instances.

Nevertheless, the swiss roll was still edible and not half bad.

Well, shall try again till I succeed.


  1. I attempted this and my sponge turned out airy and rough too >.<. Any tips to improve?

  2. Hi Allie,
    I checked with Chef Keiko before and she said to fold the batter really well. I tried a 2nd time and did what she said... texture turned out slightly better but still not as perfect as hers (tried hers before). Oven temp also impt, not too hot and don't use fan-assisted mode.