20 October 2008

Christmas Special Workshop: Holiday Candy Shop

We are in the last quarter of 2008, which means that Christmas is not too far away! Yes, my friends and I were already talking about our annual Christmas party. I have to start thinking about Christmas presents and naturally Christmas bakes! Remembered I was in a baking frenzy last year so got to plan early this year to prevent a mad rush again.
Chef Joycelyn Shu introduces 2 new Christmas Special Workshops at Shermay's Cooking School this year - Holiday Candy Shop and Baked Treats with all new recipes!
Just attended the Holiday Candy Shop and will be attending the Baked Treats next month. Can't wait!
For the Holiday Candy Shop, 5 recipes were shown in the demo class.
  • Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
  • Honeycomb Crunch
  • Mocha Walnut Fudge with Valrhona Jivara Lactée 40% Milk Chocolate
  • Spiced Fig, Pistachio & Valrhona Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate Logs
  • Graham Crackers
And surprisely, all are non bake, except for the Graham Crackers. In addition, several bonus recipes are included in the pack for us to explore different variations in flavours.

Can't imagine I could make my own marshmallows at home. The recipe looks simple enough but the key is synchronising the beaten egg whites with sugar syrup. Shall try this! Can even vary flavours such as peppermint and strawberry. Baby pink strawberry flavour marshmallows anyone?

Was surprised that the ingredients for Honeycomb Crunch are short and sweet. Again, key is in the sugar syrup. It may not look impressive in liquid form but once hardened, it was really really crunchy and yummy!

There they were, the marshmallows which were set overnight, cut and dusted with potato starch and icing sugar mixture. No samples for us to try, but can imagine the creamy and melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Didn't think much of the Spiced Fig, Pistachio & Valrhona Manjari 64% Dark Chocolate Logs. Was more impressed with the Honeycomb crunch which was very crunchy and addictive. There were samples to try and I couldn't resist munching one after another :d

The Mocha Walnut Fudge could make very nice and presentable Christmas giveaways, I think.

My favourite park of the workshop - food tasting! Each participant got a plate of S'mores with a piece of Honeycomb crunch.

The S'mores was delicious with crunchy crackers, intense chocolate and creamy melted marshmallows. But I was completely sold by the Honeycomb Crunch.
Each participant also brought home a cute little Chinese takeaway box with 2 pieces of mocha fudge and 1 slice of the spiced fig and chocolate log. What a great Christmas gifting idea :)

For Christmas, probably I will prepare 3 jars (if I have the time) - 1 jar of marshmallows, 1 jar of fudge wrapped in golden foil, and of course 1 jar of honeycomb crunch! Wish me luck in making them!

Joycelyn's blog entries on this workshop:



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