01 October 2008

Shopaholic in Tokyo Apr 08 - Strawberry Cheese Cake by [Gramercy] New York

Gem of a find during my Tokyo April 08 trip.
Chanced upon it at [Gramercy] New York, an over-the-counter store at the basement Food Hall of Takashimaya Times Square, Shinjuku.
Was first attracted by the hot pink box packaging. So pretty! Immediately I thought of recycling the box to contain bills, receipts, small stuff etc. Couldn't recall what else was sold other than this Strawberry Cheese Cake and another New York Cheese Cake in pale yellow box (original flavour). I suppose the Strawberry flavour could be a Spring edition.
Each box came with 5 pieces of individual wrapped cake. Bought only one box to try as I wasn't sure if I would like it; it was not cheap; it was prior to my flight back home, had already packed my luggage and didn't want to hand carry too many stuff.

Imagine the combination of creamy cheese cake with tartness of strawberry? Surprisingly the cake wasn't too sweet or heavy on the palate; texture was moist, dense but lighter than pound cake. One of the best cakes I have eaten and don't think can find this in Singapore. Regretted not buying more. Had to ration and savor the 5 pieces preciously between hubby and myself. Alas, gone in 2 days.

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