08 December 2008

First attempt at Traditional Kueh Lapis

Had quite a number of egg yolks left over from my chiffon cake bake sales. Was pondering what to do with them when I came across passion baker's blog on Traditional Kueh Lapis. She adapted her recipe from Florence's blog. Since I have available egg yolks and it was a public holiday, decided to give it a try.

The batter itself was not difficult, but the challenge came in grilling the batter layer by layer, at 5 minutes interval.

It was really a test of patience, having to tediously spread and grill the batter layer by layer. Luckily I had a timer which I set to sound off to remind me that time's up. Me being a multi-tasker, I could never sit in front of the oven to watch the cake cook.

Didn't bother counting the number of layers, just kept on baking till I finished the batter. Finally, after some 15 layers, my Kueh Lapis was done! I think I could have over-baked it a little and seemed that the surface was not really even.
The whole cake seemed quite oily as well, must be all the fat from the egg yolks.

Presenting my first traditional Kueh Lapis. Yummmm... taste-wise was still acceptable. Layers looked clearly visible. However I felt that the texture was a tad hard. Probably I over-baked each layer or my oven was too hot? My oven don't have top and bottom fire. After pre-heating the oven, I simply switched to 'Grill' mode. And probably my layers were too thin as well?

If there is going to be a next attempt, I should try adding slightly more batter to each layer. Instead of 15 layers now, perhaps just 10-12 layers will do. Could probably adjust grilling time to just 4 minutes.

Well, next time.


  1. wow, that looks really good for first attempt! You can consider selling it next time. :-)

  2. Hi Grace,
    Thanks! I refered to the slide show on Passionbaker's blog. Have not decided whether to sell this, coz very time consuming and tedious!