01 January 2009

It's 2009 and Happy Birthday to Dreamersloft

Happy New Year! And Dreamersloft is now 2 years old!

Looking back at 2008 brought lots of mixed feelings. It's somewhat a turbulent year for me, with lots of highs and equal lows as well. Quite an emotional ride.

I guess the most significant low being the ectopic pregnancy and having to go through laparoscopy surgery. The recovery process was rather unpleasant, really disliked the side effects of all the medicine. Although I wasn't very much affected emotionally then, sometimes, I do think back and feel a tinge of sadness. Otherwise, I would have been 7 months pregnant by now. Well, things happen for a reason and I just have to accept this fact. And meanwhile, will continue project B, but nevertheless letting nature takes its own course - both hubby and my philosophy right from the start.

Other lows being my cornea health less than good. Hence forbidden from contact lens for a long while. Latest advice from Optometrist - to let the eyes recuperate for 6 more months.

And unhappiness at work. It's been frustrating these few months! Feeling all stressed up, sense of helplessness... have put in lots of effort, but is it all worth it? Maybe I should just take it more easy.

I guess all these just add up, everything negative coming together and hit me hard in the face. Ouch.

Well, nuff said of all the unhappy episodes.

Now onward to all the things in life that perk me up :D


Baking continues to be a therapeutic hobby. Attended more workshops, attempted more recipes and started bake sales on a small scale. And I have upgraded to a more heavy duty electric mixer (unfortunately it's Kenwood and not KitchenAid) as well as a 58L oven!


Unfortunately I only managed to go for 1 dive trip in 2008 :( Could have gone for more trips but well. Nevertheless this Sipadan Dive Trip was such a wonderful experience.


Yes, the wanderlust in us, we are still travelling a lot. Most notably, 3 trips to Japan :p I love Japan! LOL. Otherwise, quite a few road trips to Malaysia, be it durian hunting, seafood feasting, shopping or gambling (Genting Highlands now have Texas Hold'em Poker!).


Seems like I didn't blog as much as I wanted to, and still ended up with backlogs. But I'm really blessed to make friends (some from as far as USA) through blogging. It's great to receive emails and comments from people from all over the globe and share experiences.

In conclusion, I truly hope 2009 will turn better for me - success in project B, my cornea health improves and perhaps I can go for lasik treatment, work more smooth sailing, more bake sales, more travels, more diving trips... looking forward.

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