01 April 2009

Koh Samui 13-17Mar 09: Day 2 Part I

Rise & Shine, Landscape and Room of Sareeraya Suites & Villas

Didn't wake up specially for sunrise. We have drawn all the curtains in the room so it appeared dark. I happened to be awake, and decided to take a peep and there it was, the sun rising! Actually, the sun has already risen :)
It was a long while since I last caught any sunrise (certainly not a morning person!), naturally was quite excited by this beautiful sight =D. Quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting away, while soaking in the busk of sunlight and peace of morning.
Can't recall whether I went back to sleep? LOL.
Anyways, we did manage to wake up in time for breakfast at Chef's Table. Breakfast was included in the package and best part, served from 6am to 11am!
Chef's Table is just next to the beach. Even so, due to the location of Sareeraya, the beach was fairly deserted with the occasional couple strolling past. Just what we were looking foward to, a slow and relaxed breakfast at a breezy beachfront restaurant overlooking the vast ocean and blue blue sky.
Some juice to start the day. Selection of freshly squeezed juices like orange, pineapple, guava, apple.
I absolutely liked the orange juice. Thai orange juice is just different, sweet and fragrant.

We could place orders with the kitchen directly. Here's hubby's order - 2 sunny side-ups with sauteed potatoes and grilled tomatoes.
Selection of breads and pastries. Different types of spreads and jams available in the wooden jars.
My order, 1 sunny-side up with bacon and grilled tomatoes.
There was even selection for coffee or tea, instead of the usual 'house pour'. I ordered my fav, Earl Grey and hubby English Breakfast. We got our own pot of tea each.
The usual type of fruits. The rustic serveware used really sets the holiday tone.
Hubby asked if there was any local selection and the chef suggested fried noodle which was yummy! The flat rice noodle was fried to perfection with the ingredients. Great recommendation!
With our tummy gurgling happily, we explored the resort for a bit, since we didn't get a chance the night before.
Bright and airy space with modern interior design.

I like the colours used, with structures that are well-blended with soft furnishings.

The reception/check-in is personal and casual, quite unlike the usual hotel reception.
The Read Red Bar - overlooking lounge sofas, pool and beach. Collaterals available for guests to browse and games to play.

I love the placement of these lounge sofas. They kind of break the monotonous of the predictable grass patch, with clean lines and nice use of colours once again.Deck chairs immensed in the pool itself. Cool idea.
Beachfront deck chairs.
Powdery beach, clear blue waters, blue cloudless sky, sashaying coconut trees. Perfect settings for a beach holiday.

The property is not very big, probably more like a boutique hotel.
And now onto our Sareeraya Suite on level 3.
Spacious room with many nice touches of interior design and good use of colours in the furnishings like cushions, lights...
Both of us love the bed and pillows! The bed is firmed yet soft; quilt cover light yet provided warmth and the pillows are the extra long types which are so comfy for hugging!

Complimentary fruits
Design of the bathroom is quite well-planned. Serves as a 'walk-in' wardrobe as well. In most hotels, the luggage rack is placed in the living/bedroom areas. Here, sufficient space is created for luggage rack and a 2-way wardrobe (opens to bathroom and bedroom). Thoughtfully segregating the bedroom and changing/bathroom.

Basic amenities are provided with aromatic scent from the essential oil.
I always like this type of 'overhead' shower head.

Balcony area with daybed to lounge about.
View from balcony during daytime.
So glad we were upgraded to level 3, otherwise view wouldn't have been so good.
Free guide books and maps are readily available at the airport and resort. With these useful guides, we were all ready to explore the streets and beach! Stay tuned.

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