25 October 2009

Koh Samui 1-4Oct 09: Day 3 & 4

Day 3 of my escape!

Woke up to a slow breakfast of Pad Thai. YUM! It felt good to have someone whipped up a perfect meal to start the day...

After breakfast, we strolled a bit before going back to the room to watch Transformer 2 DVD which hubby bought the previous night.

Thereafter, we decided to rent a jeep and drive around. Hubby wanted to find some fishing pond and do a little fishing. Most holiday-goers to Samui prefer renting motorcycles because it's quite cheap and hassle-free as compared to a car, which is more expensive and could hardly find parking space at Chaweng or most other places.

Our ride for the day! Advantage, faster than motorcycle, with air-con and not subject to weather conditions =D
We decided to head to Sabeinglae for lunch, a local restaurant which offered very good Thai food from our previous trip.
The restaurant looks so different in daylight (previous time, it was night time and the whole place seemed quite dim and secluded).
Pleasantly surprised to realise that the restaurant is so close to the beach and overlooks the sea. Really nice view.
The mixed veg was stir-fried to perfection, just the right crunch.
Hubby's favourite and he claimed it was even nicer than the one he had at Poppies. Very spicy and sourish.
Green curry chicken. Very fragrant aroma and taste of curry.
Another great dish, combination of fish and celebry is unique but very good.
Once again, Sabeinglae is the best!
After the satisfying meal, we drove around and decided to pop by some waterfall to take a look. Chanced upon a signage which says viewpoint. Luckily we had the jeep which was powerful enough to go up the hills. But still was kind of scary.
10 baht entrance fee to get to the viewpoint, which is just 3 mins through a dirt path.
Treated to a nice view, not totally breathtaking but still beautiful. Hang around a bit before going downhill in search of the fishing pond.
Found. Top Cats Fishing Resort.
Quite a large size fresh water fishing pond, the environment is very serene and well-kept.
Top Cats offers lodging and food for holiday-goers as well. Probably for those who enjoys fishing, wants to stay for a longer period and looking for unique experience.
There's pool table for some entertainment.

And even a swimming pool.

In the distance, Thai Teak Houseboat which is the lodging available for holiday-goers.

We took up a 4-hr fishing package which included fishing guide, bait and 2 rods. And we got our very own fishing hut as well. Cool. 2 fishing guides were attached to us on that day, probably coz there weren't any other anglers around, and 1 teenager, probably a relative also came to help out.

Basically, the fishing guides would prepare the bait and cast the rods for us. We didn't even have to get our hands dirty and wet. Luxury style fishing.

Hubby fighting with fish. One of the fishing guide standing by in the water to land the fish. Once the fish is landed, the guide would release the hook and nurse the fish for a few minutes before we took a photo. Then, he would nurse the fish again (even applying some iodine on the fish) before releasing it. They took very good care of the fish here as they are expensive to bring in for upkeep. They kept urging hubby to jump into the water to hold the fish for photo-taking (towels, showering facilities provided), naturally hubby won't do that! Haha. Apparently it's a norm to do so, especially for the foreigners.

The Giant Mekong, which hubby had already landed before in Bangkok, so he wasn't really interested. He was more keen in landing those species not landed before.
We started out pretty slow, but as the evening approached (usual feeding time of fish apparently), there were more hits.
Hubby happy with his Red-Tail Catfish, a first for him.
Some snacks from the restaurant.
Can see the almost full moon in the distance? The next day would be the notorious full moon party at Phangna Island.
Another new catch, the Red-Tail Tiger Catfish.
Yet another new catch, this time the Red-Tail Leopard Catfish. That's where we decided to call it a day. Although hubby was hoping to land an Arapaima, but well he was happy with his catch.
We tipped the guides before going off. Not an easy job, especially when he had to go into water everytime a catch was landed.
We drove back to Chaweng in search of a dinner place and came across a night market. Popped in to take a look but nothing suitable for dinner. Nonetheless interesting to experience the local night market.

Moving along, we saw many pizza places offering wood fire pizza along the main central Chaweng but couldn't find parking lot for car anywhere. The bane of driving in Samui.
In the end, no choice but to drive back to resort and park there, and settled dinner at an Italian restaurant near the resort.
Service was very very slow and food so-so only. Can't even recall name of restaurant. By the time we were done, it was quite late. Quickly went back to resort for a good bath and hit the bed after a long day.
Last day!
Our relaxing escape approaching the end. Ordered french toast with bacon and mushroom for breakfast. The french toast and mushroom was perfect but bacon overdone. Still a good breakfast.
Decided that we could with one more spa before going home. So headed to hubby's favourite Leelawadee Allure Mssage & Spa.

Naturally hubby went for his 1hr 'Tiger Balm' Back Massage, whereas I settled for a soothing foot massage to ease my tired legs from water retention. Bliss.
Soon, the bliss was over. We returned the jeep, went back to resort to pack up and check-out. It was still early to go airport, so we left the luggage with the resort and headed for lunch. Been eyeing this Ninja Restaurant directly opposite our resort the first day, as it seems to be quite popular.
In fact, quite a humble little eatery serving home-style thai food.
Tom Yum soup again. Not as spicy, very 'mum's place' style.
The omelette was nice, similarly, very mum's taste.
We love the stir-fried veg in Samui. Kana is actually Kailan.
The squid with chilli was good, spicy and sourish, very appetising and fresh.
With that, we concluded our last meal at Samui and headed for the airport and home.
Wonder when we would be back again. Next time, probably with Junior in tow. Till then.

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