10 January 2010

Steamed chicken with mushroom and sausage




鸡腿肉 3-4只 (原本材料是嫩鸡 1 只斩成小块)
冬菇 10朵 (泡软去蒂)
腊肠 1条(切片)
姜 1块 (切成6-8片)

花雕酒 2大匙
酱青 2大匙
盐 1小匙
糖 1小匙 (我没放)
蜀米粉 1小匙


This is a recipe adapted from a book written by a renown local chinese writer, You Jing. Been reading her novels, articles and travel books since secondary school years and always captivated by her anecdotes and stories.

This book is not exactly a recipe book, rather a sharing of her life experiences in relation with food and food she has grown up with or encountered. Most of the recipes included are really simple and humble but nonetheless wholesome and delicious.

Attempted one of the recipes "Rainbow Chicken".

Chicken leg/thigh/drumstick 3-4 pieces (original recipe calls for 1 whole chicken cut into small pieces)
Dried mushroom 10 pieces (soak and cut away stem)
Chinese sausage 1 piece (sliced)
Ginger 1 piece (sliced thinly into 6-8 pieces)

Chinese cooking wine HuaTiao 2 Tbsp
Light soya sauce 2 Tbsp
Salt 1 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp (I omitted sugar)
Corn flour 1 tsp

1. Marinate the chicken pieces for at least 1/2 hour.
2. Place chicken pieces in centre of deep dish plate/bowl (must be deep dish as there will be natural broth from the chicken during steaming), place mushroom on top of chicken, then place sausage and ginger on top of mushroom.
3. Boil water in wok/steamer, place the bowl into steamer and steam for 20 mins or till chicken pieces thoroughly cooked.

The broth is full of goodness with the essence of chicken, combined with mushroom, sausage, ginger and chinese cooking wine (no water is added at all). Goes very well with rice.

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