19 August 2010

Simmered Chinese Cabbage (Hakusai to aburaage no nibitashi)

After successfully tried the Simmered Chicken & Boiled Egg in Sweet Sour Sauce, this is another recipe I attempted from the Jap Home Cooking 2 Demo Class at Shermay's Cooking School.

2 steps involved. First, prepare the Dashi fish stock in advance. Then use the Dashi as base for the simmered cabbage. Quick and easy but apologies can't show the recipes here due to copyright of the chef and school. I guess most Jap home cooking book should have this recipe.

The cabbage was soft and tasted slightly sweet and saltish with hint of the dashi, goes well with rice. Hubby quite likes it so I guess this will be a keeper since dashi stock could be prepared in advance and frozen for use anytime.

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