24 May 2011

Koh Samui 26-28 Feb 2011 Part II

A continuation from my previous entry on Koh Samui getaway.

Sabieng Lae is our favourite restaurant in Koh Samui and one of the reasons why we love the island. This time round, we didn't rent a vehicle so it was actually rather inconvenient to get there as the journey takes about 30-40 mins one-way. Had to find a cab that was willing to take us there, wait for us while we had our meal and send us back (as it's difficult to get a cab there). Such an arrangement cost 700 baht. If we were to rent a motorcycle or car, it would cost only 250 baht and 400-500 baht respectively for 24hrs. Naturally, we couldn't get a motorcycle with dear son. As for a car, parking is a problem in Chaweng area and we really didn't see the need to rent one since we were checking out the next day already. Well, for the sake of the great food, we just had to part with the 700 baht.

Pleasant surprise as we reached Sabieng Lae. The restaurant had a minor facelift with new signboard and entrance, looks kind of more classy now. Anyways, the focus is the food! The place was still as crowded as before and besides locals, there seemed to be more tourists than before. I guess more people have discovered this little gem.

Looking at the extensive menu, we couldn't decide what not to order. Decided to indulge since it's not everyday we could visit Koh Samui. LOL :p
Seafood salad as appetizer. My my, this salad really blew us away! The combination of the different tastes and textures created a symphony in our mouths and whet our appetite for the remaining dishes. It was sour, sweet, spicy, salty, crunchy, chewy, crispy, succulent, everything in one dish. Thumbs up!!!
Stir-fry morning glory. Fresh and crunchy. Another must-order dish here.
Tom Yam Gong. Though the broth looked very clear and harmless, trust me it packed a punch. Taste was full-bodied and complex. You know how some tom yam soup tasted flat, like just spicy and sour? This had depth to it, you could taste different spices and herbs that were added.
Steamed squid with lime. We didn't mean to order so many squid dishes, but since we hardly eat squid in SG, might as well? Haha. Actually we kind of had an overdose of squid for that meal, didn't realise there was this much squid we ordered. Should have ordered fish or something else. Anyways, the squid was fresh and once again, the tangy and spicy sauce made us went on and on, without realising just how much cholesterol we had consumed.
Deep fried prawn cake. Okay, we didn't order this in the first place. I mean, we ordered 4 dishes already! But we saw other tables ordered this and it looked so damn good that we just had to be gluttons :p
It was sooooo good! The prawn cake was deep fried to a perfect crisp. The innards were fish, squid and prawn paste that were succulent and well marinated. It was totally addictive with this sweet and sour sauce provided. And we finished everything. Seriously. Just between the 2 of us. Gluttony to the max. Best part the meal cost less than 1000 baht!

After the sumptuous meal, we left satisfied and vowed to return one day. I missed the prawn cake already. The cab took us back to Chaweng street, and we walked and shopped in an attempt to burn off those calories we consumed earlier.

It was sunny and humid, we were hot and sticky so decided to pop into an ice-cream palour. My goodness, after that huge meal? But but, this was dessert :p We always have room for dessert right? LOL!

Look at the colours. I tried not to think about the artificial colorings they could have added. Okay, no poisonous thoughts during vacation, right?

Couldn't remember the exact flavours, I think they were coconut sherbet, blueberry yogurt, cookies and cream and some caramel butterscotch.

Dear son loved the ice-cream and couldn't stop eating. We hardly allow ice-cream back home, so for once he could indulge. Well, we were on holiday, so relaxed a little.

After the ice-cream stopover, we walked some more, heading towards the spa place. Hubby had his massage the night before so it was my turn. Initially wanted to go back to the spa that hubby went, but saw this particular one which looked quite decent. Hubby brought dear son back to the hotel for his nap, whereas I popped in for a 60 min "Tiger Balm" massage (around 300-350 baht).

Started with a simple foot cleansing first.
This comfy looking massage chairs were for foot massage.
And these for back/full body massage. My "Tiger Balm" massage was soothing and relaxing, the muscle rub really worked wonders. The body first felt warmth then an icy feeling, just like when you apply tiger balm. Another reason why we love Koh Samui. Not sure if other places in Thailand offer such massages. I know Krabi doesn't.
After the massage, I headed back to the hotel. We brought dear son for a bit of sand play and swim and by the time we were done with washing up and stuff, time for dinner again.

We saw Chom Talay (restaurant where we had breakfast) put up alfresco dining on the beach with a BBQ seafood theme. Really tempting, alas we were still quite full from our heavy lunch. Besides, didn't think the romantic atmosphere/dining experience would agree with our active dear son. So we settled for a quick dinner at one eatery nearby, with simple Pad Thai noodles and Stir Fry veggies.

After dinner, we shopped a bit, before heading back to the resort for dear son's bedtime. Hubby went out again for more massage while I stayed with dear son.

Next morning and our last day. Breakfast as usual. I had 2 servings of food :p

Thereafter, I brought dear son out for a walk as he was bored and hubby wanted to take a nap. Most shops were not open yet, so after an hour, I headed back to the resort. Did some packing and we headed out for lunch at Burger King. After lunch, some last shopping before finish up packing, check out and off to the airport.

Nothing much to do at the airport, so we checked ourselves into Swensens since it's air-conditioned (the boarding area is not). Yes, more ice-cream :p Well, it was hot and we need something to cool down.
And finally, time to board the plane. Just before we board the plane, I strapped dear son to the baby carrier. He fell asleep soundly and we had peace throughout the flight :) Okay, this marks the end of our short getaway. We'll definitely return to Samui, when we have another serious craving for Sabieng Lae and Tiger Balm massage.


  1. Amazing photos. The food looks divine. Would like to visit there some day.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    The food at Sabieng Lae is GOOD :)