26 July 2011

Cheddar Cheese Muffins

My toddler has started half day childcare and he eats his lunch in school now. Not sure if it's due to growth spurt, but he still wants to eat when he reaches home (about an hour after his lunch). So every day I try to prepare a small snack for him, be it cookies/crackers/biscuits with yogurt or muffins or pancakes, sometimes storebought, or I try to bake small batches and freeze them.

Came across a Cheddar Cheese Muffin recipe by The Little Teochew and it was just what I needed, quick and easy! Moreover, I had a quarter pack of cheddar cheese block lying in the fridge and was trying to use it up. As The Little Teochew mentioned that the cheese taste was not strong enough in her case, so I decided to go all out and used up all the cheese that I had, which was double the amount of the original recipe.

The steps were really easy, only thing I wasn't used to metric calculations since I relied on my electric weighing scale all the time. Nevertheless, I was glad that the muffins turned out great! The cheese taste was not very strong when the muffins were still warm, but somehow intensified after the muffins cooled down. Dear son loved them too!
If interested, pls hop over to The Little Teochew for the recipe :)


  1. My son went to a reputable child care when he was young. Same thing, lunch was provided but he is always hungry and wanted food on the way home.

    Years later, I found out from a friend who used to work there. she told me that the portion for the kids is very little and fed them with plain biscuits should the kids wanted food just before the parents pick them up which I also noticed when I came late for pick up.

    So ask your son to ask for more if it is not enough.

  2. Hi Edith,
    I also noticed that the portion is small when I was there to accompany him for 3 days. The teachers are already giving him double portion, which is more than what the other children eat! Haha. I guess coz he's very active, so use up all fuel very fast.