01 July 2011

Danish Butter Cookies

With the success of my Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, suddenly I'm like into cookies. LOL! Came across Shirley of  Kokken69 with her rendition of Danish Butter Cookies and I was raring to give it a try. I fondly remember the famous blue tin too, it was usually included in gift hampers given to our family during some festivals. I always couldn't decide on which cookie to eat first. One funny thing was, the cookies were stacked based on the different flavours, I would try to balance the stacks by eating my favourite (the sugared pretzel shape one) followed by the next favourite till the least favoured so that all the flavours remain the same height.

The recipe by Shirley is really easy to follow. I followed her recipe to a T, except that I used normal sea salt instead of Fleur de Sel. Wonder if Fleur de Sel would make any difference to the overall flavour? The toughest part would probably be piping the cookies. I only have one tiny and one big star tip. Decided to use the big one so that the cookies would not turn out too small and brittle. On hindsight, I should have used the small one as the cookies turned out to be so fat and not dainty anymore. One thing I like about the recipe, it's given in small quantity so it's just nice for us. Cookies turn soft in our humid weather fairly quickly (although kept in airtight container); small quantities ensure faster turnover and fresher cookies :)

The cookies turned out crisp and buttery and dear son loves it. Next time I will pipe them smaller :p Meanwhile, I'm eyeing another recipe of Shirley's, the Raisin Danish Butter Cookies. Anyone keen? Hop over to her blog for all the recipes :)


  1. They look lovely! Glad your son likes it :) and thanks for the mention - hope you would get to try the raisin one soon :)

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Tnanks! Should have piped them smaller. Yes, have baked the raisin ones already, will blog about it soon :)

  3. yummy! I love Danish cookies especially those with sugar crystals on top!