21 September 2011

Mini Fluffy Pancakes

I'm constantly looking out for different ideas for dear son's daily afternoon tea snack. I try to give him variety so that he doesn't get bored of his snack. And as far as possible I try to make the snacks (such as muffins, egg tarts, french toast, yogurt with fruits), rather than give him store bought ones. But of course there are times when convenience over-rule :p. Dear son can be quite picky when it comes to his food, if the taste and texture isn't right or to his liking, he won't eat them, certainly becoming a discerning eater (just like daddy and mummy)! Poor mummy has to make sure his food is yummy yet healthy (or at least not junk food) all the time. 

Recently I came across a Mini Fluffy Pancake recipe by LK of Food 4 Tots and it's just what I'm looking for :) I have tried other recipes of pancakes before and they always turn out too "cakey". So this recipe which promises soft and fluffy is perfect! The key is to whip the egg whites separately (till soft peak) so that the pancakes would puff up when cooked. This technique and theory is similar to the concept of chiffon cakes which yield soft and fluffy texture as well. Another great tip is the use of refillable plastic ketchup bottle to control the flow of batter so as to achieve these cute mini size pancakes.
My pancakes turned out ok, not as pretty as the ones by LK, not as round as they should be and the colour not really uniform. Nevertheless they tasted great, soft and fluffy even when turned cold. Dear son was naturally attracted to the cute mini pancakes which were just nice for his little hands, and ate several pieces at one go :) (I ate the rest :p).

I halved the recipe based on LK's and the batter was just nice to fill one plastic bottle. If you are interested, check out her recipe which gave specific details and great tips too. http://food-4tots.com/2011/09/03/mini-fluffy-pancakes/2/