04 October 2011

Coconut Banana Muffin

Saw the latest blog post on a Coconut Banana Muffin by LK of Food-4Tots. Bingo! I have half a packet of dessicated coconut sitting in my fridge for quite sometime now and thinking of where to use it (instead of tossing it away). I also have a few ripened bananas which my son won't be able to finish before they turn too riped. My son loves bananas and whenever he sees them, he would go "nana, nana!", so bananas have sort of become a staple in my pantry but I limit him to one every two days so usually I'll have a few over-riped ones every other day.

I digress. So there, I decided to go ahead with the Coconut Banana Muffin.

This was how the muffin looked like before popping into the oven. The dessicated coconut topping sure looked like panko (Jap breadcrumbs).

The steps are easy to follow and an electric mixer is not even needed. I was able to go grocery shopping, then make a batch of these muffins, prepare dinner, wash and hang two batches of laundry, all in one morning (while my son was in morning childcare). Heehee, talk about multi-tasking!
The aroma of coconut and banana filled my whole house while the muffins were baking. Heavenly scent! I had to wait patiently for the muffins to be baked, and kept peering through the glass panel of the oven to check on them :p

The crust of the muffin was crispy due to the dessicated coconut topping. The muffin itself was tender and moist, tasted yummy with the wonderful combination of coconut and banana. I didn't know that the flavours of coconut and banana complement each other so well! One point to note, the muffin tasted nicer when warm and hardened slightly when cold; so it's best to pop them into a preheated oven or steam for a few mins before eating.

I offered one to dear son for his afternoon tea break and he devoured it hungrily and even asked for more. Well, I only allowed him to have one. When hubby tried one in the evening, he also gave thumbs up :)

If you are keen in this muffin, hop over to Food-4Tots for a very detail recipe with comprehensive photo guide too!


  1. It looks yummy, I can't imagine how banana work with coconut!

  2. Your muffins look gorgeous with the dome effect! The desiccated coconut does look like panko crumbs to me too. May I know which brand did you use? Btw, thanks for the link back! ;)

  3. Hi MnYfoodtalk,
    Surprisingly, the combination is very nice!

  4. Hi LK,
    Thanks :) I tried many of your recipes recently coz of my toddler :) Oh, the dessicated coconut was from Bunalun.