20 December 2011

Macau-Hong Kong Sep 2011 - Part II

Continued from here.

Couldn't remember how long the ferry journey took, all of us were concussed :p Anyway, upon reaching Hong Kong island, we took the subway to Causeway Bay station where our hotel, Holiday Inn Express is located. It was too early to check-in, so after leaving our luggage at the hotel, we went to a nearby eatery for our late lunch.

My char siew and prok dumpling noodles. Not bad, char siew tender, and dumplings juicy. The noodles were those HK-style chewy type but I found them a bit dry.
The century egg was so good that we ordered seconds. The egg was very fragrant and the yolk slightly mushy.
Deep fried dumplings. These little buggers were good! Crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Was perfect with a special sweet chilli sauce provided.
As usual, some veggies. The kailan was fresh and crunchy. Somehow, the veggies in Hong Kong all look fresh and plump and tasted very sweet and crunchy.

After lunch, all of us went separate ways for shopping. Hubby and I went to the seafood delicacies street 海产街 to pick up some sea cucumber, black fungus as well as some Lap Cheong (chinese sausage).
Overwhelmed by the different types of Lap Cheong available. Decided to buy a few of each type.
Then we went back to Holiday Inn Express and met our friends for some desserts. This dessert shop at level one of Holiday Inn Express is apparently very famous for the desserts and usually there would be long queues.
I ordered a bowl of mango pomelo with sago. Not bad, quite smooth and creamy with sweet bits of mango, tangy pomelo and sago.
After our dessert, we finally checked into our room. Holiday Inn Express is basically a no-frills budget hotel but we were pretty impressed by the quality.
After resting and washing up, we headed out (yet again) for dinner :p
Our dinner place is highly recommended by our friends' friends (who are staying in Hong Kong for work) who brought us to Tung Po Restaurant located on level three of a hawker centre near North Point 北角station. This restaurant turned out to be the best of the best food that we had eaten for this trip. Till now, we still missed this place dearly and hope to return one day :)
Reservation is strongly recommended especially for weekends. As you can see, the place was very crowded and I really like the boisterous atmosphere where people dine, chat and yum seng without care.

Steamed Mantis Shrimp 濑尿虾. This is considered a delicacy in Hong Kong.
The meat was very juicy, sweet, succulent and firm. So much nicer than lobster!
Squid ink noodles with squid balls. This was actually quite tasty, especially the bouncy sotong balls but I ate only a bit for fear that my whole mouth and tongue would turn black. LOL.
Steamed clams in chinese wine. These were nice, despite their small sizes, very juicy and chewy with hints of alcohol.
Stir-fried morning glory with nam yee. Likewise the veggies very fresh and I love the special nam yee sauce.
Oh!!!! This deep-fried abalone was sooooo yummy! I thought that it would be tough and hard to chew but I was wrong! The skin was slightly crispy with perfectly tender and juice meat. Wish I could have more! This would be a dish that I would order again next time I go back.
Deep-fried river fish. Another nice dish, with a perfectly crispy batter and tender fish meat. Tossed with some spicy pepper salt which gave a very nice kick to the tastebud.
Roasted chicken with garlic. This was yummy! Perfectly roasted meat with paper thin crispy skin topped with bits of fried garlic. The chicken meat was tender and juicy.
Steamed bamboo clams with garlic and spring onions. The clams were very fresh and chewy. But the star who stole its show was a different rendition, making this dish paled in comparison.
Stir-fried bamboo clams in spicy bean sauce. Wow, this was so much better than the steamed version. I mean, the steamed version was already very tasty but this, was a notch better with the compliments of the spicy bean sauce.
Although we were literally bursting at the seams, we just couldn't resist this steamed rice in lotus leaf. I could smell the fragrant of the lotus leaf the second it was opened. The rice absorbed the flavours of the chicken, mushroom and lap cheong, and was so soft and fluffy. It gave a warm and fuzzy feeling, and even though I was so full, I had 2 bowls of this! Such gluttony but I just couldn't help it :p And the meal wasn't very expensive, I think S$20-30 per person, well worth it for such quality food and cooking.

If there's a reason to go back to Hong Kong again soon, it has to be this restaurant! As we left, we saw other tables ordered deep-fried pig's trotters and vowed to try it the next time.
After dinner, we went back to the hotel to rest and wash up and then went to a nearby spa for some foot and shoulder massage.
Totally knocked out as the therapist soothed our tired muscles. Thereafter, headed back to the hotel and promptly KO-ed.
The next morning, all of us woke up late and went to a nearby restaurant for dim sum brunch. Please don't be shocked by the following photos. We really ordered a lot of food for just five of us. Confession: we ordered more food than what was pictured (too embarassed to declare LOL).

We thought the quality was so-so only, as our tastebuds were already quite jaded from the past two days of feasting. After the brunch, we went for some last minute shopping before heading to the airport to catch our flight home.

Overall, it was a very intensive and sinful (imagine the amount of calories and cholestrol we piled on) trip but truly enjoyable!



  1. Wow! You have a HUGE appetite! It all looks delicious.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    There are 5 of us (7 for the seafood dinner), all food lovers :p