16 April 2013

Bangkok Jan 2013 - Fuji Japanese Restaurant & Som Boon Seafood

Continued from Part I and Part II.
Our second last day at BKK.
Both of us slept in till late morning and was about to go out for shopping when our friends text us for an early lunch at Fuji Restaurant, Siam Paragon.
I think we outdone ourselves once again, just let the amount of food do the talking :p

Seafood salad.
Pan fried beef.
Grilled unagi.
Salmon and Hotate sashimi.

Stir fried mushroom.

Sweet beancurd with rice.

Grilled mussels with garlic.

Pan fried bacon wrap with golden mushroom.

Potato croquet.

Tuna, squid and ikura sushi


Tuna and Hamachi sashimi.



Assorted tempura.
That was indeed a very hearty lunch, wasn't it? Imagine the amount of food just for four of us!
After lunch, all of us parted ways for our shopping before meeting in the evening for dinner.
This time round, we ventured to SomBoon Seafood at Surawong, apparently a very famous seafood chain in BKK. Had to queue for around 45 mins just to get a seat and we were there quite late in fact.

Grilled sotong.
Prawn cake with plum sauce.

Tom Yum Seafood soup.

Oyster in omelet.

Stir fried chicken.
Specialty of the restaurant. Crab in special sauce. We expected the sauce to be like curry and spicy but it was not, couldn't really describe the taste though. A little creamy, a little milky, slight sweetness.

Stir fried bitter gourd leaves. This was a bad dish, the stems/leaves were too fibrous and hard to chew and shallow.

Not sure if it was due to weekend, service was quite bad and the waiter only informed us that one of the dishes we ordered was sold out, after we waited for a long time and enquired. Food portion was also very small considering the price of the meal. We may or may not give this restaurant a second chance in future. Will see.

After dinner, we took a stroll at the nearby night market and thereafter headed back to Siam Square area. Wanted to do foot reflex at Chang Massage but it was full house. Hence, we retired early to the hotel. The next day was early flight back home.


  1. All of it looks so delicious, and there's so much of it!!! *o* Sounds like you ended your last day there on a wonderful note. :D