15 September 2013

Phuket Sep 2013 - Part V, Weekend Fresh Market

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Part IV - Food at Phuket

On day 2 after our lunch at Naiyang beach, we chanced upon this weekend fresh market located very near to the beach (quite near to Dewa Phuket Resort). When we passed by the piece of land before lunch, it was still empty and within 1.5hrs, all the stores were set up!

Both of us have always been keen in exploring local markets as this is the best way to have a sneak peek at the locals' way-of-life. The market was sort of divided into 3 sections - 1 section selling clothes and sundries, 1 section fresh food and 1 section cooked food. This is somewhat similar to our Singapore wet market, just that this was a "pop-up" market.

Wide variety of greens on sale.

Fresh pork on sale, and we saw coagulated pig's blood! How we missed them!

Different types and sizes of clams.

Fish on sale were very fresh! Which was why we were disappointed that the fish on display at the Naithon beach seafood restaurants were a far cry from these.

Look at the fresh prawns!

Seafood was indeed in abundance and very reasonable price.

Yellow skin chicken. I was so intrigued by these chicken, wondering if the colour was real? They appeared to be fresh chicken, not pre-cooked whatsoever.

Snack cooked using quails eggs.

Once again we were curious with this glass jelly store which is a mobile motorbike store. Saw many locals eating the glass jelly, must be good.

The glass jelly appeared to be steamed in bowls, then cut into cubes before serving.

Then steamed candied sweet potato, atap chee, ice cubes were added, and topped with some shaved gula melaka.

We were charged 20 baht, although I saw on the signage that a bowl was 15 baht. Oh well, special price for tourists I guess. The glass jelly dessert tasted refreshing in this hot and humid weather, albeit a little too sweet.

Some deep fried grasshoppers and silk worms for those who dare!

Heaps of shredded mango and papaya, conveniently packed for salads.

Another mobile motorbike store, selling drinks.

Lots of colourful tropical fruits.

The rambutans screamed red and juicy.

Cutesy looking local snack cooked inside eggshell.

The meat balls/sausages were strung up like necklaces. Such a pretty display.

Looked so succulent and yummy. Unfortunately we were too full to consume any food or snacks apart from the glass jelly. If we were to start with this fresh market first, I would be tempted to try all the different food stuff and skip a proper lunch.

Next and final post, I will share about the spa experience we had at Bangtao area. Stay tuned!

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