31 July 2014

Star Baker Challenge 4-Star Challenge Voting

Like I mentioned in my previous post on my submission for the SCS Dairy Singapore Star Baker 4-Star Challenge, this is the semi-final round where 25 semi-finalists are selected by SCS Dairy Singapore to create something based on the theme "PIES" and thereafter the top 4 entries would be chosen based on online voting contest via Facebook. At the end of this voting round, the 4 finalists would then enter the finals for a live bake-off competition!

My creation:

"My Singapore Pie 我的新加坡派"
A retro-fusion style chicken curry pie (with homemade rough puff pastry and chicken curry) inspired by Xinyao 新谣 song 梁文福 《新加坡派》 and traditional chinese celebration pastry (tau sar piah/喜喜饼).
This is also my dedication to Singapore's 49th Birthday, and wishing everyone good fortune, HUAT ah!
恭贺新加坡建国49之喜, 祝愿大家福气满满, 發發發! 

If you like my creation, please vote for me!! Voting period is from 30 July to 8 August 2014 2359hr.

Thank you!

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