01 January 2015

2014 - Seriously what did I do? 2015 - Getting my act together!

Happy New Year!

Once again it's the time of the year for me to recall the things I have "accomplished" for the past year. Somehow 2014 had been a fuzzy year :p Or probably because I didn't feel like writing at all. Our family just came back from a holiday yesterday, I had lots to unpack and tonnes of clothing to wash. Moreover attended a wedding lunch and a gathering after that. Feeling so tired and just wanted to take a nice warm bath and go to sleep :p Probably this is exactly how I feel throughout the year, sluggish and procrastination.


My blog is now 7 years old! Managed to blog more in 2014 (in fact a record number of posts since I started 7 years ago) since I'm not working and supposedly have more  "free" time. But still there are several backlogs in the travel section, and I was supposed to categorise and update all the sections :( So I really have to stop procrastinating and get down to complete all these one fine day yah?

Actually I have also been thinking whether to split up my blog. Currently I have several interest areas like baking, cooking, travel, spa, shopping all in one blog. Should I set up another blog just on traveling/spa/shopping and dedicate this blog to baking and cooking? I'm still undecided, because when I first started, I wanted this blog to be a personal lifestyle blog, so this has been the direction all along. Is there a need to change?

Well, probably I should just finish up the backlogs and sections updating first, one thing at a time!

Cooking & Baking

Since I'm not working, I've been cooking more for the family at least 4-5 times a week. Check out the labels under Cooking for the dishes I've tried.

As for baking, most of the time there were for the orders I took, else it would be bakes requested by my son or for gatherings/parties.

For this year, I really hope to cook more healthy dishes, especially my lunch (which admittedly I had been eating some junk food), and also to attempt more new baking recipes. Have been hoarding a lot of cookbooks, bakeware and cookware, so it's high time I get into action and start to utilise them or de-stash.

Meg's Pastry Studio

When I first started Meg's Pastry Studio, it was more for fun and orders would most probably come from friends. Didn't expect to receive orders from strangers who came to my blog, some of whom became repeat customers and even recommended their friends. There weren't a lot of orders, a few a month at a comfortable pace. I still insist on quality over quantity, using premium ingredients without added chemicals (like sponge gel, ovalette to make cakes soft and tender).

Most of the orders in 2014 were for rainbow and ombre cakes in lychee and vanilla flavours, with a few chocolate cake orders. Actually other flavours like red velvet and carrot & walnut cake are available as well, but I guess these are more common and people came to me because of the uniqueness of rainbow and ombre cakes.

Had wanted to organise baking workshops but didn't have time to conceptualise. I'm inclined towards small group of up to 4 in a class. But then again, the thought of cleaning up afterwards made me think twice (I have no helper at home). Shall KIV this idea until I'm ready.

Upcoming, I'm thinking of starting a Facebook page for Meg's Pastry Studio. Let's see how it goes.


Oh yes, we have been going places in 2014!

In February, hubby and I hopped to Hong Kong for a short trip and then a 6-day holiday in December with the little rascal for his first Disneyland experience. Don't think I'm going to blog about both trips; the first trip was short and not many photos taken. As for the second trip, it was hard to take good photos with the rascal around so probably going to post the photos on FB only.

In June, our family with our mums travelled to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands. We first flew in to Ipoh then rented a car and drove up to Cameron Highlands for 2 nights and then back to Ipoh for another 2 nights. It was a fun trip which turned out unexpectedly good. I'm still procrastinating on the photo editing and this I shall blog about.

In July, hubby and I decided to try a new place, Hua Hin. We flew in to BKK and rented a car and drove there. It was a great getaway and beyond our expectations. Definitely gonna blog about it!

In September, we brought the rascal to our favourite resort in Phuket for a rest and relax trip, tried a few new restaurants, so probably gonna blog about the trip.

How could I miss out my favourite country, Japan? Haha. This year, we went to Tokyo 2 times, once in April to celebrate hubby's birthday and another trip in December for our yearly onsen experience. Have already blogged about the April trip, shall blog about the December trip which was totally awesome!

In between, we also made several trips to Legoland in JB and a group travel to Kukup with our Uni friends.

Now that it's 2015, time to plan for more trips!

My soon-to-be-5 little rascal

Some say that 2-3 year-old toddlers are in their terrible twos or terrible threes? What do they call the four and five year-olds? I call them frustrating fours and fives! It's challenging talking to my rascal who's getting so articulate that it became a battle of wits trying to get him to listen to instructions. With a kiddo who's bursting with energy the moment he wakes up, many times I felt drained both mentally and physically. And I have only ONE. Kudos to those families with more kids. I seriously cannot take it. Anyways, after chatting with friends who have kids of similar age, I felt slightly better knowing that I'm not alone feeling the frustration.

Now that he is turning 5 (in 2 weeks' time), it's time I instill more discipline and order in the household.

What's in store for 2015

I'm not the type who would set up new year resolutions normally, but for 2015, there are a few which I hope to accomplish and it's best that I pen the thoughts and get down to doing them. In addition to those tasks already listed above, it's high time I do a major spring-cleaning and de-stash stuff as the whole house is in a major mess. Planning to complete this by Chinese New Year as we plan to host a couple of parties. Also hope to get into better shape by eating more healthily and exercising more. Have been practising yin yoga for the past year, but I know it's not enough.

It's time that I stop procrastinating and start getting into action already! Cheers to 2015!

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