03 October 2015

Meg's Pastry Studio - 3rd Q Orders

Geesh, we are now in the last quarter of the year!

Took lesser cake orders last 3 months because I have been travelling once a month and had to turn down a few orders. Still very blessed and thankful to all my friends/customers who entrust me with the task of coming up with good tasting cakes that are tender in texture, less sweet and light overall. Design-wise, I tend to stick to something simple and pleasant looking, unless requested specifically.

Have also attempted a few cakes where part of the cake is filled and frosted with chantilly cream and complete with buttercream frosting and piping. I still prefer chantilly cream filling/frosting as it's less sweet and light, but it lacks the structure to hold together some piping designs, for example rosettes. This is where buttercream comes in handy. I tend to use Swiss Meringue Buttercream as I can reduce the amount of sugar and the buttercream is still stable to work with. Yet to explore Italian Meringue Buttercream (whether possible to reduce sugar), gotta try it one of these days. Sweet Buttercream is most direct and easiest to make but it's extremely sweet so I hope not to use it at all.

And oh, I've been eyeing the very "in" flower wreath cakes but yet to get down to try! It's essentially lots of buttercream and lots of piping practice so I've been procrastinating :p Ermmm, if I indeed get to try and successful, I'll definitely share :)

Here's a summary of some of my baked goodies for the 3rd Q :)

This was ordered by my Sec school classmate, J for her daughter's birthday. Haven't attempted a big cake for a long time. Each layer was baked individually, assembled, frosted, then the sides were trimmed to create this "exposed" look where the cake layers were visible. Definitely a visually pleasant looking cake.

My classmate ordered 2 cakes in fact, the first was for a home birthday party, whereas this one was for school celebration. Still the same design but all strawberries for this one.

I baked a gula melaka banana walnut cake for my yoga classmates and they enjoyed it very much. One of my classmate even ordered 2 cakes :)

The 7" round 5 layer cake is the one of the most popular/common cake size for small home celebrations, rainbow colours too. Matched with a handmade rainbow cake banner and a small plastic rainbow balloon cake topper (store-bought).

A friend ordered this cake for her ex-company's anniversary celebration. Grateful to her for trusting me, as she's in the US and basically we just confirmed everything through FB messenger. 

This was one of the cake where I combined the use of chantilly cream and buttercream frosting. Basically the cake layers were filled and crumb-coated with chantilly cream, but the overall cake frosting and decor completed using swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Strawberries are not in season and those available at supermarkets didn't look presentable, so I used raspberries instead. First created a look without the lychees and subsequently added them. Couldn't decide which design I prefer, loved them both!

Looking forward to more orders in the coming months :) Oct is quite free now, will be travelling in Nov and Dec, so please check the availability as soon as possible.

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