13 February 2015

Ipoh/Cameron Highlands Jun 2014 (Day 4)

Continued from Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3.

Before we went to Ipoh, we've already heard a lot about the dim sum restaurants there, so we made it a point to visit one of the more prominent one, Foh San Restaurant at Leong Sin Nam Road. In fact, there's another restaurant just opposite, Ming Court but the whole place was so packed that even standing around to wait was a problem. Although Foh San was crowded, there were ample seating and we were able to get a table rather promptly.

Didn't think that a small town like Ipoh would boast of such a big dim sum establishment?

The two storey building was spacious and airy, very apt for yum cha.

Diners could sit and wait for the dim sum pushcarts to come around the tables.

Or self-service at the dim sum counters. This counter was the steamed items.

This was the deep fried items.

We just randomly picked and chose whichever caught our fancy.

And as usual we ordered too much. Haha.

The dim sum quality was not top-notch, but good enough, and price was pretty reasonable too.

After the satisfying breakfast, we proceeded to the Lost World of Tambun, which is a huge theme park consisting of water park, amusement park, petting zoo, tiger valley and hot spring.

As the weather was scotching, the water park was crowded. There are adventurous slides, lazy river, wave pool and kids' zone.

The little rascal had a great time playing at the kid's zone with kiddy slides and a pirate ship.

The amusement park consists of game stalls, merry-go-round, train rides, adventure rides, roller-coaster.

The petting zoo was well-maintained, fun and educational for young kids.

There's also a hot spring area which we didn't go. I mean the weather was already scotching hot, couldn't imagine going into the hot spring!

Relaxing swan ride set against a picturesque background.

We spent almost half a day at the theme park, must say that it was impressive and much better than our expectation.

In the evening, we headed to Restoran Tuck Kee near Jalan Yau Tet Shin. Had eye-balled this restaurant the day before already.

The famous dishes served here. We ordered the Hokkien Fried noodle, War Tan Hor Fun, Braised Chicken Feet with Mushroom. Wanted to eat the Baby Octopus baby but they ran out of it! Boohoo! The previous day after we had our dinner at Lou Wong Tauge Ayam, we passed by this Restoran and saw many diners ordered this and wanted to eat it so badly :( What a disappointment.

The War Tan Hor Fun was very yummy indeed, the Hor Fun was very smooth and went well with the thick gravy.

The Hokkien noodle was quite nice as well.

Didn't like the braised chicken feet very much, thought that the spices added were a tad too strong.

Love the tauge here, so crunchy and sweet.

After dinner, we walked around the nearby night market for a while and went back to the hotel as we were exhausted from the day's activities.

Stay tuned for our last day in Ipoh.

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