16 November 2015

Tokyo September 2015 - Part V Kichijoji

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Part I - Century Southern Tower, some Shinjuku area
Part II - Food in Tokyo
Part III - Jiyugaoka, Musashi-Kosugi 
Part IV - Aoyama Flower Market, Kappabashi, Harajuku

On my second last day in Tokyo, I went to Kichijoji, a small town located in the city of Musashino. Haven't been there for a few years, and this time decided to re-visit because I discovered a quaint little cafe called Hattifnatt Cafe. I remember a few years back, when I came here, there were some zakka shops but not that many. And wow, I must say I totally regret for missing out this little gem all these while! Fans of zakka have been raving about the zakka shops here, but somehow I didn't manage to schedule Kichijoji into my itinerary as I always prioritise Jiyugaoka instead.

Anyways, I only reached Kichijoji in the afternoon as the hb had a medical emergency and we spent the whole morning settling it. Took the Chuo Line (Rapid) from Shinjuku Station and the journey took about 15 mins which is quite convenient (even more convenient than Jiyugaoka as I have to travel from Shinjuku to Shibuya first then transfer to the Tokyu Toyoko Line, that is if I'm staying in Shinjuku).

Upon reaching Kichijoji, I was immediately attracted by the attached mall, Atre. This place is like a zakka haven under one roof, sheltered all the more! In fact, there's also another mall within the station that houses Yuzawaya (hobby and craft specialty mega-store) but I didn't have time to go.

Found a small branch of cuoca, which I visited at Jiyugaoka already. The selection is much smaller, I merely browsed through and headed to other shops.

One of my favourite zakka/home and living chains, 3 coins. As the name implies, everything in this store goes for 300 yen + tax, i.e. 324yen. Here, you can find quite good quality home goods, kitchenware, accessories and stationery.

Pleased to find an Afternoon Tea Living store here, this is even bigger than the one at Musashi-Kosugi.

The Plaza is another popular zakka cum personal care store.

More zakka stores, with fashion accessories as well.

Watashi no Heya, there's another store at Jiyugaoka.

This particular shop, Toiles Du Soleil is very interesting, it's a shop for customising your very own bags.

Pylones from Paris carries very colourful and cute looking stationery and ornaments etc.

Frankly I was quite overwhelmed and due to the lack of time, I only browsed through each shop very briefly :(

Pleased to discover that the other branch of Aoyama Flower Market Tea House is also located with Atre Mall :)
This is mainly a Tea House without the flower shop.

I totally love the entire concept, it's like you are in an enchanted green house.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to sit down for food or tea because I was supposed to go to Hattifnatt Cafe.

The menu items looked good though. Next time!

Almost tea time and I quickly proceeded to Hattifnatt Cafe which is located about 10 mins from the train station.
Look at how adorable the cafe looks! The whole place is made of wood, looks so much like one of those huts found in fairy tales. Even the door is smaller and shorter. I'm already quite short and still have to stoop a little to enter. I think big guys would find it a little awkward.

Even the menu board looks so adorable.

Upon entering the cafe, I was greeted by the staff. This is the reception/cashier as well as the kitchen area.

There are 2-3 tables on the ground level, but level 2 is much better.

Had to climb a flight of very narrow and steep stairs to reach the second storey. Some seats for waiting and behind the door is actually the restroom which I forgot to check it out.

Fell in love immediately with the decor and furnishing. Chirpy and cheerful looking murals with crochet chair covers.

It's so lovely to dine at such a sweet and pretty place!

Couldn't resist walking around to take photos.

It's a perfect place to hang out with some friends over dessert and drinks.

Right in the middle of the level, there's even a third level, somewhat built like an attic.

And there are 4 seating areas like this. Privacy for large group of people, just that everyone would have to stoop low and crawl to get in.

I really feel like a character in some fairy tale, exploring every nook and cranny of the cafe.

The service counter at level 2. The key to this place is the rotating lever.

Basically food is cooked in the kitchen on ground level and then sent up through this special manual "elevator" that's hidden behind these panels.

Once the bell rings, the staff would turn the lever to bring up a box container the food, and open up the panels to receive the food in the box. Cool right?

Even the menu books look so cute and they are all handmade! There's like drinks menu, lunch menu, dessert menu, couldn't stop admiring them.

Ordered an iced flora tea and a nama (raw) chocolate pudding based on recommendation of the staff.

So cute right? Couldn't bear to eat it!

Just look at the face of the pudding, it's like "HELP! DON'T EAT ME". LOL.

After spending quite a bit of time at the cafe, slowly soaking in the atmosphere, I realised it was getting late and reluctantly left the cafe.

Proceeded to zakka shop next door, same adorable concept as well. Wish I could own a cafe cum zakka shop like this.

The zakka shop is really tiny, all the handicraft items are showcased in little wooden boxes. I think probably each box belonged to a particular artist/maker.

Even such a tiny shop, there's a second level and attic level, but each level is so small that only 2-3 people can stand inside.

There's another Hattifnatt Cafe & Gallery at Koenji as well, just a few stops before Kichijoji, next time I must also go take a look.

 Thereafter, I made my way back to the train station area where I did some brief shopping at the Sun Road and Harmonica Street.

CouCou is another 300 yen + tax shop selling very similar items to 3 coins.

It's a pity I didn't have much time at Kichijoji! Had wanted to go to Inokashira Park as well, but there was simply no time! Next time, I shall plan a whole day at the Kichijoji and probably on Sunday as I heard there's a flea market featuring handmade and craft items made by local artists. And perhaps the Ghibli Museum (featuring Japanese anime created by well-known animator, Hayao Miyazaki) but I heard the museum is so popular that tickets have to be pre-purchased for specific date and time. Well, next time!

End of post and stay tuned for my upcoming last post where I will share a few of my shopping haul items.

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  1. I read your post and went to the Hattifnatt Cafe. It is so adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Kellyn,
    You're most welcomed! Glad that you went there and liked it :)