03 December 2009

Curry Fish Head, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre

The recent stormy and cold weather makes people crave for food hot and spicy like curry fish head, doesn't it? One of our favourite haunts for curry fish head is at Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre.

In fact, this stall originated from the old Taman Jurong Market, which used to be opposite the DBS Bank (for those familar with this area) some 10 years ago? Hubby was already a big fan back then and he introduced me to the stall when we were dating :) And the other fishball noodle stall I blogged about before.

When the new Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre is up, hubby specifically checked with the stall owner to verify (as there are another 2 stores selling curry fish head at the old and new place).

Now, I think we go there at least once in 2 months to satisfy our craving, cold weather or not :p Even though it is a zichar store with many other dishes apparently quite good as well, we always order the curry fish head and at most a stir-fry kailan or other veggies. We wanted to try the other dishes, but the curry fish head is just too enticing to pass.

The curry gravy tastes spicy and sourish, just nice not too thick nor watery, complementing the fish meat very well. In fact, the gravy is so addictive that we would be happy just eating plain rice with the gravy. Fish used is red snapper, fresh and chunkful of meat. In addition, what I like are the generous helping of veggies - brinjal, lady fingers, tomatoes and fresh pineapple, cooked together with the fish head and had absorbed the goodness of the gravy, unlike some stores who just add pre-cooked veggies before serving.

I think a small claypot cost $13 and big pot $15 (can't remember exactly). Salivating yet? I am, as I'm looking at the photo.

Hong Guan Cooked Food
Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre
Yung Sheng Rd


  1. Hey, Daydreamer. I've been trying to find this Curry Fish Head for a very very long time. Do you know which position they were at back at old taman jurong hawker centre days? Coz I know there were at leat 2 stalls back then. I like the one further inside away from the main road. I think there was a sugar cane stall next to it...

  2. Hi,
    This stall was nearer to the big car park at the back (if you get what I mean). I think that row of stalls, there were 2-3 stalls selling zichar with curry fish head. This particular stall's fish head was more of the assam type - sourish and what we like. Hubby said that the stall you are looking for (next to sugar cane stall) was more of the coconut curry type, which we are not sure where it has shifted to.

  3. thanks! i brought my family there last night. :) they like it very much. i think now we prefer the assam ones more than the coconut milk ones coz the latter are usually more filling and fattenning. :)