20 December 2009

Earl Grey Tea cupcakes & Nutella cupcakes

I'm really glad to receive a cupcake order recently! Finally, an opportunity to indulge in some baking which I so sorely missed. Didn't have much motivation to bake all this while as I'm supposed to stay off sugars :( (well, 1 more month to go and I'm looking forward to my pastries!)
20 pieces of Earl grey tea cupcakes with orange blossom & white chocolate frosting and 20 pieces of Nutella cupcakes with nutella praline frosting. Should be quite easily done, granted I'm quite clumsy in the kitchen recently so have to plan the schedule well in order not to rush through the bakes.
The last I baked earl grey tea cupcakes was more than 2 years ago, shortly after attending the hands-on workshop conducted by Chef Joycelyn. And since then, I did not try it again! Wonder why, as I love early grey. Probably there are simply too many recipes and too little time.

Quite pleased by how the cupcakes turned out. This is a very rich and buttery cupcake and the key is emulsifying the butter into the cake batter which takes patience. And of course, quality ingredients are essential - Elle & Vire french butter, Gryphon Earl Grey tea, Valrhona white chocolate...
Decorated the cupcakes with candied orange peel and Valrhona crunchy pearls. I love the silver and gold cupcakes, bought at Kappabashi, Tokyo.

As for the Nutella cupcakes, had attempted just a few months ago. This is a fairly easy recipe as well, except for the gooey mess of nutella... boy, nutella is really sticky and a tad hard to handle without getting it all over the place. Besides nutella, the Valrhona 55% Equatorial chocolate was also added (recipe calls for 40% Jivara which is sweeter).

Turned out quite nicely as well. I guess most people likes nutella so should be quite a crowd pleaser.Packed the cupcakes in 2s and 4s. The box was a little big for 2 pcs of cupcakes and the cupcakes would move around, so I made a simple cut-out board to hold them in place.

The 4-pc box was just nice, but probably a tad tight.
Sealed with my usual design labels.

Thanks to I for the order and hope that your recipients will like them :)

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