08 July 2011

Raisin & Cranberry Danish Butter Cookies

After attempting the Danish Butter Cookies, I proceeded with the Raisin Danish Butter Cookies, an almost identical recipe once again from Shirley of Kokken69.

I have only a tiny amount of raisins left after baking the Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, so had to top up with cranberries left over from another bake. The main differences between this recipe and the previous Danish Butter Cookies are the addition of raisins and dessicated coconut, as well as chilling of the dough for ease of cutting into desired shapes. The Raisin Danish Butter Cookies are typically round, but I decided to cut some into stars just for fun and see if dear son would be attracted to star shape.

Once again, the aroma of the buttery cookies filled the kitchen as they were baking. But patience is the key here as the cookies were very brittle just out from the oven, need to let them cool down completely. The wait was totally worth it as the cookies were oh-so-good! Probably due to the addition of the raisins, cranberries and dessicated coconut, the flavours enhanced the taste of the plain old Danish Butter Cookies. Although the taste of coconut was almost non-existent, the bite was still there. I couldn't resist but to have one after another.

And which shape did dear son prefer? Actually made no difference, he took both, one in each hand and stuffed everything into his mouth, one after the other -_-"

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