02 April 2013

Zalora Blog A Review Contest

Recently I see Zalora everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE, internet search engines like Yahoo (internet ad banner), Facebook ads and even my own blog (ads by nuffnang) WTF. My, the ad campaign is aggressive! Out of curiosity, I went into the website a few times, oh yah another fashion site, I thought to myself. Boring.

I seldom buy fashion items from websites; I prefer to try them on at shops where you can feel the texture, the cutting and all. Ok, clothes, maybe occasionally from blogshops when I really like the design and I’m sure about the sizing (I measure myself like a gazillion times to match the exact measurements stated). But shoes? Nah, shoes must try one right? Especially to check the material and cutting to make sure they don’t “bite” my feet (aka cause blisters).
But when I saw the thumbnail image of the Melissa HarmonicIII flip flop in turquoise and white on Facebook ad, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I love love love it! I quickly clicked the link to check out the details and was almost determined to buy it immediately although I have doubts about buying shoes off the internet.

"Since it’s a pair of flip flop, the cutting shouldn’t matter that much right?" "But I have a few pairs of flip flops already. But this pair is really nice, see the turquoise and white colour? So "beachy"! And the design, so unique!" Little voices in my head were trying to convince me to buy buy buy!!!
Then I look at the price. What, SGD70 for a pair of flip flops? Hmmm, the price is a little on the high side :( Then I saw a Golden Ticket staring at me from my desk. Hey, it’s a Zalora Golden Ticket, where did I get that from? I couldn’t remember seriously. Surely it was from one of my mailers, maybe one of the banks like UOB? So I followed instructions to the specific webpage, clicked a few links and viola, I got a 15% discount coupon! Wow, cool! With 15% discount, my pair of flip flop became $59.50, ahhhh slightly less guilty now. (My golden ticket has disappeared since the purchase, mysteriously. Just like how it appeared mysteriously.)

I quickly check out the sizes next, US 5, 6, 7 and 8. And sizes 6 and 7 were already sold out! I typically wear size 6 for my shoes so my heart sunk :( But wait, maybe I can squeeze into size 5? So I meticulously measured my foot based on the shoes size guide and I think I could fit into size 5! When I clicked on the size 5, it stated “only 1 item in stock”. My kiasuism instinct instructed me, what the heck, just buy lah!! Plus shipping is free!
Yeah, so I happily placed my order (last Thu night 10pm). To my surprise, I received an email the very next day 8pm that my order is shipped! It was Good Friday (indeed) public holiday and they were working! I was surprised coz I thought most companies close on public holidays, and I also seldom come across such efficiency in shipping process, the fastest was 2-3 working days.
Then to my amazement, the courier service arrived on Sat noon time! Talk about customer service and efficiency! I thought my flip flop will arrive only the following week, but within 2 days (out of which 1 is a public holiday and another is a Sat). Wow, now I’m really impressed with Zalora!

The flip flop fits me perfectly and really has a bubble gum scent (mentioned in the website). LOL! Mad happy and I wore it immediately :) I've just checked, the Turquoise and White is sold out, left with Fuchsia and Red, Yellow and Brown, Black and Beige. Sorry, I bought the last pair :p

I’ve since been browsing Zalora’s website, tempted to buy more stuff especially with the pleasant buying experience. Moreover, Zalora has been sending love emails to me every other day about sale and also this Blog-A-Review Contest.

So yep, in a bid to win some shopping funds (and coz I was happy with the shopping experience), this is the first time I’m reviewing a fashion product and participating in such a contest. Wish me luck!

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