05 March 2014

Fattoush Salad

The weather has been so dry and humid these couple of months! When it comes to lunch time - hottest timing of the day, I usually crave for something light and refreshing like salad or sandwich.

Back in Dec, during the AFF West Asia month, I had wanted to make Fattoush Salad (Middle-East bread salad with toasted pita bread and assorted greens) but didn't manage to get Sumac, an important component of the salad. By the time my hubby found it, it was already Jan. Better late than never, and I'm still very keen to make the salad because it looks so appetising!

First I had to make pita bread. I used the whole wheat pita bread recipe from Lena Frozen Wings (halved the recipe). Quite easy to make, just had to factor in all the time needed for proofing of dough.

For the salad itself, I referred to recipes from Just as Delish and Kalyn's Kitchen. Greens included romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, mint leaves, spring onion and parsley (I omitted onion) and dressing was combination of pomegranate molasses, olive oil, lemon juice, sumac, salt and pepper.

 Sumac or Somaq which hubby found at Mustafa Centre.

The salad was so yummy that I had it two days in a row. The second day I also added pomegranate seeds. Love the additions of parsley and mint leaves, made the salad smell and taste really refreshing. And sumac is actually quite light, with a tinge of sourness and fruitiness.

This is definitely one salad that I will make often :)


  1. Love Fattoush! Glad my recipe could inspire you.

  2. Hi Kalyn,
    Thanks for sharing your recipe :) Will be making it from time to time!