24 March 2014

Koh Samui Nov 2013 - Part V Food

Continued from
Part I - Grand Deluxe Sea View Room at Akyra Chura Samui
Part II - Akyra Chura Samui Resort
Part III - Krao Chao Ban Restaurant
Part IV - Saebieng Lae Restaurant

This was our rental bike during this trip. We rented it through the hotel at around 350-400 baht per 24hrs which was more pricey than direct rental from the vehicle rental shops. In fact, the rental shop is just opposite the hotel. But the advantage was that hubby didn't have to give his passport to the shop (usual practice for vehicle rental), since the hotel has our details. Direct rental cost around 250-300 baht per 24hrs. To us, it was a form of safeguard against possible misuse of our passport by the rental shop.

On our way to Krao Chao Ban restaurant at Lamai, we passed by this coconut ice-cream van at a popular cliff viewpoint near Chaweng Noi.

This was the first time we saw this ice-cream truck and appeared to be very popular so we had to stop and give it a try.

Wonder why we encounter this before even though we've been to Samui many times. Maybe coz it usually roams around Lamai beach area whereas we didn't go Lamai beach.

This viewpoint is at Chaweng Noi quite popular among locals and tourists, we always passed by but never stop as well.

We got one coconut ice-cream in coconut shell to share since we were on our way for lunch. Quite an eco-friendly and cool way to serve ice-cream right? The coconut shell was halved and coconut flesh scrapped to become a bowl. One serving came with two large scoops of coconut ice-cream and we could select three toppings. We selected coconut flesh, steamed yam and sweet potato and candied papaya.

Wow, the homemade coconut ice-cream was very yummy, slightly creamy and not too sweet, very refreshing! The toppings complemented the ice-cream really well. Hubby was complaining that we should have ordered one serving per person. I think this cost 200 or 300 baht, cannot remember. This was another surprise find of this trip and we really missed it very much as well!

The next day when we went back to the view point again, the van wasn't there and we went hunting for it at Lamai beach area also couldn't find it :( Same for the last day :( We vowed to track down this ice-cream van the next time we go Samui!

Since we couldn't find the coconut ice-cream van for our dessert, we went back to Chaweng beach for crepes instead. Have tried pancake before, so this time we ordered banana nutella crepes.

Generous spread of nutella! One serving of crepe was huge and even both of us couldn't finish one portion!

During our last night in Samui, we decided to dine at this restaurant that sells whole grilled pig-on-spit.

There are only two restaurants along Chaweng beach that sells grilled pig-on-spit and we had been eyeing it for all the past trips but somehow didn't get to try it.

It looked so tantalising.

We were ushered to level two of the restaurant.

I ordered the grilled pig-on-spit platter which came with grilled pork, potato, sweet corn and coleslaw. The pork was fork tender and succulent, but the sides were disappointing.

Hubby ordered the grilled pork ribs which was very yummy! The meat was very tender and juicy as well.

We decided to try grilled mango with ice-cream. Quite unique as the mango was very soft with a charred taste. Not too bad since the sour taste helped cleanse the meatiness of the meal.

That said, I guess we won't be dining at this restaurant again since the meal was so-so only and we have finally satisfied our craving and curiosity for the grilled pig once and for all.

Next and final post, will share about the spas we visited for this trip. Stay tuned!

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