04 April 2017

Meg's Pastry Studio - 2017 1st Q Orders

Wow! It's already April 2017? I must say these past 3 months really whizzed by fast and furious yah? I've seemingly lost track of time!

2017 has been quite an exciting year for me so far, with many new experiences and opportunities.

As usual, my January is always packed because of the festive season and kiddo's birthday. But this year is exceptional because my kiddo goes to Primary One and I was (and still am) having a tough time adjusting to his routine. With his birthday celebration/cake, CNY baking (for personal consumption) and all, I didn't take any orders in January as I didn't want to stretch myself too much.

After getting hang of the school routine and building it into my routine, things got better from February onwards and I was able to do more test-bakes and explore new recipes. One such recipe is a Teddy Bear cookie which I adapted from a newly-bought recipe book that comes with a free cutter. I posted the cookie photos and recipe on my blog, FB and Instagram and surprisingly received very positive response and ended up taking a few cookie orders :)

Then came March, which was exhilarating for me because I was invited to feature a recipe on Sunday Times Life Section and my Ombre Strawberry Shortcake was showcased :) *Phew* I've been procrastinating to write this particular recipe proper and glad that this opportunity came knocking. Some people might ask, why share the recipe when I'm selling the cake? Frankly speaking, I don't mind because I'm not baking for a living, I'm baking for the love of it. Sharing is a form of spreading the love of baking and if there are people who try my recipe and like it, why not? :)

Here's a summary of my orders for this first quarter; each and every bake is a labour of love and I had great fun creating them :) Once again, big thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and patient with me.

Small batch of teddy cookies ordered by my Uni hall friend; so happy to meet her after a long hiatus and glad that she enjoyed the cookies!

Matcha and chocolate teddy cookies ordered by a lovely lady who saw my FB/Instagram posting and emailed me :) Was pleasantly surprised because I didn't think that there would be people interested in ordering the cookies.

Another small batch of teddy cookies, ordered by another lovely lady who also saw my FB/Instagram posting and messaged me :)

A petite mango cake ordered by a lovely lady who has tried my cake before through her friend who ordered from me before :) Always feel blessed when orders came in through recommendation or word of mouth.

A large batch of 60 teddy cookies, my biggest baked so far, ordered by another lovely lady who ordered ombre cake previously. It was great fun baking these cuties and I'm grateful that she's still ordering from me :)

My signature ombre strawberry shortcake in 2 different sizes ordered by my yoga teacher. The Korean strawberries this season look lovely and taste quite sweet too. It's always a joy to create strawberry desserts as they look so pretty! Hope to have opportunities to bake with strawberries before the season ends.

Looking forward to more bakes for the upcoming months!

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