28 April 2016

Hong Kong Mar 2016 - Food Trail IV Teakha Tea Cafe

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Prior to the trip, besides researching on Cha Chaan Teng to visit, I also searched for patisserie or bakery cafes that are worth to try recommended by bloggers. Most searches point to trendy concept cafes that specialises in coffee (and pastries). Although those cafes look really stylish and hippy but because I don't drink coffee, I'm not particularly attracted to them.

Luckily, managed to find "teakha 茶家" which is a cosy cafe that specialises in tea. Besides serving an impressive range of tea like "Cooked teas", "Floral/Herbal teas" and "Brewed teas", the cafe also offers a simple brunch menu and a fine selection of pastries some of which are infused with tea. teakha 茶家 first started as a little shophouse at an alley at Tai Ping Shan Street (Sheung Wan), and since opened a second shop teakha II at Po Tuck Street in Sai Ying Pun (near Hong Kong University).

Initially I wanted to visit the branch at Tai Ping Shan Street after shopping for dried seafood at Des Voeux Road West. Then as I walked further along the street, I passed by Sai Ying Pun station. I thought since Teakha II is just 5 mins away from HKU station which is one station away from Sai Ying Pun Station, perhaps I could drop by Teakha II to take a look/take some photos and then proceed back to Teakha I for a seat-down afternoon tea.

The area surrounding HKU station is mostly residential and the shop is located in an uphill alley.

Followed the directions given in the website and found the shop easily. It started raining quite heavily and so instead of just taking photos, I decided to sit down for some tea although I was still a bit full from heavy brunch and it's not tea time yet.

Teakha II is quite spacious and cozy, nicely furnished with wooden furniture, warm orange lighting and lots of greenery and flowers. Reminds me of Japanese-style cafes :) Very friendly staff as well.

Pastries available for sale were clearly written on a chalkboard and also displayed in the glass counter.

Open-concept kitchen.

Some special menu items available for the day written on another large chalkboard wall.

This cozy area is big enough for a party of 10 to 12 pax.

Some zakka goods/merchandise available for sale.

Books for exchange. Customers can bring in their unwanted books and exchange for any title here.

As it was a weekday and early afternoon, the cafe was pretty quiet, but towards tea time, more people started strolling in.
Although I wasn't hungry, I couldn't resist ordering a slice of cake to try. This Osmanthus & Okinawan Black Sugar Chiffon Cake was highly recommended by the staff.

I love the cake! The chiffon was very tender and light, with a subtle sweetness and aroma from the Okinawan Black Sugar. I thought the Osmanthus flower would be overwhelming but no, it actually blended well with the cake. The whipping cream also helped enhanced the overall taste by adding some moisture and creaminess. Yummy!

The staff suggested a Hojicha Au Lait to go with the chiffon cake. The tea took about 20 mins as it's "Cooked tea" that needed more time to prepare. The wait was certainly worth it! The Hojicha was so fragrant and milky, rich flavour yet not overwhelming, not too sweet with a slight tinge of unique bitterness from the tea. Perfect with the cake indeed. Absolutely love it! How I wish I had more tummy space to try more tea and pastries, or had time to visit again!

I lingered at teakha II enjoying my pastry and tea while waiting for the rain to stop. Thereafter, decided to drop by teakha I at Tai Ping Shan Street as I had some spare time. Instead of taking MTR, I walked all the way, which took only 6km, a good workout for me to burn off the excess calories, and hopefully load in more at teakha I :p

Unfortunately there was some filming going on at teakha I. Also, the whole place is much smaller, didn't have the ambience and comfort I preferred at teakha II.

The staff seemed busy managing the filming crew so I decided to just sneaked in for a few photos. Luckily they didn't mind my intrusion.

There's alfresco seating area but it was quite wet due to the rain.

Before leaving, discovered they have an additional "underground" dining area which seemed very cozy. Next time perhaps.

Overall, I really enjoyed teakha's offering of unique teas and pastries. Next time I return to Hong Kong, I must make time to visit either branch (probably teakha II as the ambience is much better) and try more teas and pastries. For folks who love tea (and don't drink cafe) like me, this tea specialist cafe is certainly worth a visit (or two)!

teakha 茶家

Website: http://www.teakha.com

Sheung Wan

Address: Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11am - 7pm (Mon - Fri) | 9am - 8pm (Sat - Sun)


Address G/F, 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong
Opening Hours 11am - 7pm (Tue - Sun) Closed on Monday

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