05 April 2016

Hong Kong March 2016

Last month, I followed the HB on his business trip to Hong Kong and I must say I totally enjoyed myself!

This was my first semi-solo travel for almost a week and it provided me the opportunity to explore new places and try different food at my own pace, definitely liberating. Over the years, we've been to Hong Kong now and then, but usually for short stays. As such, schedule was usually packed, or if we travelled with the kiddo, itinerary centred around him. Recent trips I didn't have the urge to blog because it's tough to take meaningful photos (meant for blogging) and manage the kiddo, hb etc, the focus is just not there.

This time, I could eat whatever I wanted, go wherever I wanted, with all the time in the world to enjoy the peaceful moments as I strolled along unknown streets and admired different sights. There's no one giving me the impatient look as I took gazillion number of photos of the food ordered; there's no one giving me impatient whines while I took my own sweet time at the shops. I love the experience so much that I wish I could embark on solo trips once in a while.

Really had a lot to share this time round, so I'm breaking up the posts into different parts as follow:

View from my hotel room. We put up at the Sheraton Hotel located at Tsim Sha Tsui, which has a splendid view of the Victoria Harbour! Actually it was only towards the last two days that we could admire the full view because for most of our stay, the weather was foggy and cloudy.

Like this. Nevertheless, I was happy enough, better than facing another building or something. I spent most of my mornings enjoying the view with a hot cup of tea.

This room is the Deluxe Harbour View King Room I think. Initially hb was booked for just a deluxe room (without habour view) but we got upgraded! Yipppeeee!!

Love the king size bed which was spacious and super comfy!

Also love the couch beside the bed, I lazed there most of the time :p

Room is spacious with all the necessary furnishings, equipment and accessories.

We got upgraded to harbour view room but there's a catch. It's supposedly a "handicap" room, so a number of support bars and emergency button are installed. And the wash sink is a bit lower in height.

But other than that, the room configuration and furnishing is no different from the other rooms. So we didn't mind at all :) The additional installations didn't bother us at all.

Lovely night view of the harbour. Most of the nights it was foggy and visibility rather low, wasn't sure if the Symphony of Lights went on? But I have watched it before, nothing fantastic anyway.

Ok, stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

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